Endless Anesthesia

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The protagonist wakes up in the hospital and cannot remember who he is and what happened. Something horrible has happened there and he must figure out a way to escape from the hospital.


It's 34913587

Got past the ID scanner once, second time, needed the code, nothing I tried worked.

That's not really consistent. If you don't need a password the first time to get into the room, why would you need it for the second time?

I like some of the art, but some of it seems like you just slapped pieces of images from different places together. In one moment the people are fully anime, the next moment, there's some kind of computer animated hands exchanging something, in other parts, there are sketches and others still, it looks like cut and pasted pieces of photographs.

The sound is creepy and good but there's this weird cash register sound that keeps going off - a bit confusing.

I think I could have liked this game more but I don't feel it's very polished. I wish I could have gotten farther in the game, but alas, I could not and didn't feel inclined to try harder.

the game never let me get past the ID card room so i never got to do the whole game

i agree with Lokishadow i could get past that one part other than that its a great game or the part i got to play is great you did good but i just couldnt figure it out otherwise the game would of gotten a 5

Great story!

keep up the good work! i hope you make another point-n-click adventure soon!

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3.41 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2009
2:52 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click