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Super Castle Quest!part I

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This game is the first game I made with flash and now as I look at it I think I might have been better of beginning with a more simple game. I believe the game has some potential but I started to burn out a bit towards the end so the result isn't as polished as I would have liked it to be. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my game :)

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I love this game

This was the only game of yours I hadn't played, so figured I'd give it a try. Interesting to see how far you've come in development, especially movement. Still, a laudable first effort. My reason for posting, however, is that I am most curious about your color choices... Or did you intend for your warrior to have a monster schlong? ;)


The controls are awkward, the attack is too quick and the enemies a bit too tough. More than once I walked out of a door to be immediately dropped into spikes. Not fun. Kind of like Castlevania but without the cool. Also, y u so beige?

Simple and fun

Great idea and gameplay. Could improve on the levels a bit with a little more variety of enemies and maybe traps/doors and pressure plates. Otherwise a good part one. :)

Like one of the other comments this also reminded me of Castlevania, and that is a good thing!

Looking forward to part two (if that ever comes out *holding thumbs*)


great action/platformer, i cant wait to play part 2