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Loaded Metal

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Author Comments

Tanks, Hundreds of stickmen, and all you have at your disposal is a jeep and an arsenal of sick weapons and upgrades. This may get bumpy.

Hey Newgrounders! I hope you guys enjoy it.

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I played this game YEARS ago and only recently found the name of it. With flash dead, I'm not sure how to play it again, but I've played it plenty. My only concern is that song. That song, dude!! What is it called?! Its been an earworm for more than a decade! I have to know!

Day 1- The final day

My first day as a recruit... I have my vehicle, I went to test it out...
Well, the play ground for me, was the battlefield. I thought I was hitting shrubs, come to find out they were people... I got my budget my first day aswell. Me being me, I forgot to tune my car. So going out there wa painful. After hitting the "shrubs" I got a little pay day. So I hired a gun man, seeing as i did not get a gun for me, because driving and shooting is very hard. I made the car metal and strong as fast as i could. After earning my way, I think the other side was pissed. They started sending cars like mine, just lowly tuned, or stock. So killing those earned me more money than the shrubs. Taking the money I got a power core, rockets installed, and a spike bumber, for the shrubs to scream a little. I later went money making some more. They were nothing. I think depleted their numbers a lot. I wanted to know why was I the fasted one to battle out there, and by the time the team came to my aid, the enemys were all dead... oh well, i get money, so i dont care. Before night falls, and the days ends,
I made the best soldier of all time. Its not that hard... My team are just idiots...
Oh well, money, indeed. As i said before night fall, i got a strange feeling...
I would run over the shrub people, before they even got to me... I am writing this
in my armored vehicle... I dont know why, but their seem to be invisible barriers surrounding the battlefield... Tanks were puring in aswell... I dont have much time, I found a glitch in the barrier. While bouncing off other vehicles, I got stuck in the barrier... Asuming the worst, I aided my gun man any way i could as he is holing them off... We ran out of ammo, we are safe for a while in the drivers and passengers seat. He seems ok with death... He seems to be thinking of his family, and friends. The back of the car is not gone... nothing but us, and the front. As my final last words, I wish good health to all of the people I know...
Goodbye. I hope all I have done helps you all out a lot. I dont know if we are going to be held captive, most likly be killed in avengence of the people my gun man and I have killed. They are piling us now... Im going to start praying... And hope, that maybe this war will end.

Like my diary journal thing :D Mail me :D I have more... I dont know, i have a lot of time on my hands... use it somehow. Anyways, awsome game, make a second part.


would be much cooler if u could model your car with the upgrades, make them visible! Several maps, a better sound for the guns (aweful, sounded like popcorn) would have been cool - BUT it was fun, for a short period of time at least =)

Nice Game, But.

There were so many bugs. Including which, when you die when spawning a mine, a mine is left on the screen as it restarts and throughout future gameplay. Another, would include when you die you are allowed to keep moving until it fades out. Small things in which you do need to take an interest in and fix. Other than these things and more (Repetitive music, no timer or anything to tell you when you will be teleported back to the upgrade place) it was a nice game and should be played for weeks to come.



cool game

I glitched up when i ramed the wall in the car shop, i went thru it and couldnt get back in. but idc its a awesome game keep up the work yo!

Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2009
7:36 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place September 15, 2009