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Moovlin PC Demo Version

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Hey! It's jfig111 again and I've been working really hard on my first flash game for PC, Moovlin PC. Moovlin PC is about a new recruit to a federal space agency who is put on a mission to take down the evil universal ruler, Safuma Poll. It's a very fast paced platformer with original quirks and quite a few cutscenes! The demo version includes:

-4 Playable Levels, Sun Station, Selia Desert, Suzuki Pyramid and Cheeseworld.
-5 minutes of cutscenes, voiced by Julian Figueroa (jfig111) and Joshua Tomar (tomamoto)
-Soundtrack created by various tracks from the Newgrounds Audio Portal!
-Addictive gameplay that takes skill to master!
-Scoreboards for every level, compete with your friends on Facebook and around the world!

Voice Cast:

Moovlin - jfig111
Bobby - jfig111
Safuma Poll - tomamoto


8378 frames of animation
25 FPS
Flash Player 8
Actionscript 2.0
12 Motion Tweens
7 Filters
10000+ lines of Actionscript 2.0


Mostly explained in the game, but here you go:

P - Pause
Left/Right Arrow Keys - Move
Up Arrow Key - Jump
D - Spin
Left/Right Arrow Keys + Down Arrow Key - Slide
Up Arrow Key + Down Arrow Key - Ground Pound
(In Air) Left/Right Arrow Key + D - Hover

Please leave constructive feedback, don't zero bomb because I really need to know what to improve.

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Its fun to kill hours on and it was fun seeing it progress congratz moovlin! oh yea i made my account XD