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Moovlin PC Demo Version

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Author Comments

Hey! It's jfig111 again and I've been working really hard on my first flash game for PC, Moovlin PC. Moovlin PC is about a new recruit to a federal space agency who is put on a mission to take down the evil universal ruler, Safuma Poll. It's a very fast paced platformer with original quirks and quite a few cutscenes! The demo version includes:

-4 Playable Levels, Sun Station, Selia Desert, Suzuki Pyramid and Cheeseworld.
-5 minutes of cutscenes, voiced by Julian Figueroa (jfig111) and Joshua Tomar (tomamoto)
-Soundtrack created by various tracks from the Newgrounds Audio Portal!
-Addictive gameplay that takes skill to master!
-Scoreboards for every level, compete with your friends on Facebook and around the world!

Voice Cast:

Moovlin - jfig111
Bobby - jfig111
Safuma Poll - tomamoto


8378 frames of animation
25 FPS
Flash Player 8
Actionscript 2.0
12 Motion Tweens
7 Filters
10000+ lines of Actionscript 2.0


Mostly explained in the game, but here you go:

P - Pause
Left/Right Arrow Keys - Move
Up Arrow Key - Jump
D - Spin
Left/Right Arrow Keys + Down Arrow Key - Slide
Up Arrow Key + Down Arrow Key - Ground Pound
(In Air) Left/Right Arrow Key + D - Hover

Please leave constructive feedback, don't zero bomb because I really need to know what to improve.

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Its fun to kill hours on and it was fun seeing it progress congratz moovlin! oh yea i made my account XD


Its good...better than what i can do.
-I think you should add weapons...(guns, swords etc)
-Combos would be good, even though i dont think you cud do that in flash
-If you're trying to make it like sonic, make those loopy platforms instead of the flat ones
Thats about it for now =D

( . ) ( . ) <-- Bewbs

it was pretty good, it was pretty boring though.
and it glitched out with i tried to restart from checkpoint.

Can't wait for the full game.

I like the game.Only one thing I don't like it needs more enemy variety.Apart from that,amazing game.

Psychofig responds:

Thanks! There are going to be 8 types of enemies in the full game, I think that's enough.


Graphics: Decent, but the same as always. The animation is way better, but I'd have preferred if you gave Moovlin a facelift or something. No matter how well animated he is, he's just a bunch of squares. Still, you did a good job putting everything together... This one has a nice professional layout. You should've set the registry point to the side on the health bars, though.

Sound: Voiceovers were decent; in a different release I couldn't hear them for crap. Better quality, too. The musical score was pretty nice, and the sound effects were good. One thing was that the only 'getting hurt' sound effect was the electric buzz. I refuse to believe that getting hit with a spiked barrel creates an electro-magnetic force around me that jolts my health by 1/5.

Gameplay: It was decent, but lacked a bit. You need in-depth enemies, with a bit more health, like your bosses. Maybe some generic enemies too that don't follow patterns, especially something that'll follow you around. I didn't like the backflip move, since you couldn't move left or right during the flip. This ate up a lot of my time. The gameplay was also pretty brutal; fall once and boom, no leaderboard for you! It was strange seeing Moovlin as more of a race level... It's not even an RPG anymore, really.

Overall, this was pretty good, but seemed to lack something. I guess that's why it's a demo. Add more enemies, with different abilities. It would also be pretty good if you could make a leveling system so you could train your health and damage.

Credits & Info

4.73 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2009
11:00 PM EDT