Pixel Hop - Ring of Magic

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Run to the end of the city to obtain the ring of magic! Be careful not to fall off and beware of angry enemies. Ability to walk through platforms is intended, you'll see why in game.

Tip: There's a secret to getting by each monster.


Left and Right Arrows Keys - Left and Right
Up arrow Key - Jump
Shift - Hold to run

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OEH YA I GOT THE RING OF MAGIC!!! :P lol nice game

you tried...

but this had a lot of flaws. Like pushing shift in mid air to get a little boost forward. lol. but put more work into it and extra stuff and fix the kinks and you might have a good platformer.

"How can I find a game fun if I can't even make the first jump?"
that's like asking what's the point of wiping your ass when you're still gonna wind up with skid marks anyway. the first jump is easy, just have to use your head. Think about any other platform game when it seemed like the jump was too far. What fixed the problem? Running before the jump!

You had some of the right stuff.

The game's core was okay. The gameplay was simple, at best, and I imagine that's what you were aiming for anyway, so its okay. The graphics, because they were intentionally this way, were good for pixil art. However, there were a number of small issues that added up.

First, there was no opining menu or anything like that, the game just STARTS. while the menu is hardly a necessity, its a nice feature to have and makes the game seem more professional.

Secondly, you needed some kind of death animation. When you died and just showed up at the beginning, it was confusing, especally sense a lot of the times you don't know what killed you. Monsters would move suddenly and so quickly that you were jumping over a ridge and suddenly you were at the begining again. Also, I would recommend you make the traps and such easier to see. I died five times before I even noticed the spikes I was constantly jumping in.

Thirdly, the gameplay itself was simple and not very interesting. Whats the motivation? Nowadays you need more than just the feeling of accomplishment in order to try to win a game. The gameplay was too boring and dull to waste much time trying to finish. You moved slowly, there was no music, and sometimes you had no idea what was going on till you died five times.

At its core, this is a platforming game with little to nothing new to offer its audiance, except some frustrating moments and ultimatly easy, if not confusing, gameplay.

=3 Keep trying. You'll do better next time.


not very good

its not very good, and it doesnt really deserve to get past the test.
but it has some potential, just add some better graphics, a menu and (maybe) a better story.

Pretty good game but over too quickly

I like 8 bit games; this one has cool graphics, sound quality is pretty good, and it's actually difficult enough to warrant another playthrough. However I thought the walking through the platform bit was kinda...cheap. I'd rather beat the game legitimately you know? Plus, once you get past that monster you're done. It ended way to quickly.

I like the idea and the game is a good start, but overall it fell short of what I expected.

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2.90 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2009
2:08 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other