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Virus (Snake)

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Its a remake of a classic game snake with a whole new different twist. It still retains the classic 2d map but in this new version you can go through the ends of a map and appear on the other sides. There are also powerups health bonuses and walls that block your path! It is highly addictive so start playing!

The game features responsive movement, over 4 powerups, random map generator (more harder ones at higher level), and a whole load of fun =).


A computer virus was created by an unknown elite hacker who calls himself "white". The virus is very deadly as it can self produce itself the moment it is destroyed. It consumes all that it can find in a computer. Worse still, the virus has spread almost worldwide! but the good thing is you control the virus so go ahead and wreck other ppls comps. BWAHAHAHA


Use WASD/ARROW Keys - control character/navigate
Use SPACEBAR - accept/ pause

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a like the idea

very cool game


how do i die on hard mode? no rly, i cant die, i pick up all and i still live XD

word, brother

Greatly enjoyed the techno-trance music and was aways a fan for the snake games, but there good have been some more "pizzaz" i guess... something to keep my eyes from melting

Um, help?

Erm, the game just keeps flipping through the menu really fast and says "GAME OVER" and repeats that cycle endlessly.
I wanna play the game but I just literally cant :/
Any suggestions?

iluvAS responds:

did u skip the preloader mochi ads?? cuz i was too lazy to make a preloader and jus left it to mochi.. so if u skip the ad it might glitch

you can't go wrong

classic games are the best, and I could easily play on this all day. usually remakes are rubbish but in this game, everything feels just right.

iluvAS responds:

thankz alot! yeah i was trying to main teh classicness or arcadeness feeling of the game maintain although making sum changes =)