Gun Nomads

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Created this game over the summer. I've worked on quite a few team-made games in school, so it was a nice change of pace to have full creative control for once. Plus it's the first game I've felt good enough about to actually release to the public.

One day I went to look for an updated take on Metal Slug, which was a favorite of mine in the arcades. But none of the games I found were quite what I was thinking of, so I decided to make it myself.

The aim was to create a classic 360-degree shooter experience with plenty of upgrades and some non-linearity. Not all of my ideas made it in, but I still feel pretty good about the result.

Let me all know what you think of it. I appreciate the feedback.

Instructions - Strategic:

Scroll Map - WASD

Select - Left Mouse

You can attack settlements on the map, select random missions or follow the story by completing chapter missions.

Reputation and money will allow you to buy new weapons and armor from the black market.

Instructions - Tactical:

Movement, Jump, Crouch - WASD

Fire - Left Mouse

Change Weapon - 1,2,3

Reload - R

Grenade - G

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Not quite 5 star material, but good enough to come back and play it again.

I really wanted to buy that full armor the Immortals had.

Switching weapons in combat was difficult under fire, especially at the star of some missions where you needed to shoot both ground troops and helo with rocket launcher. The instructions to kill them quickly before you get overrun wasn't much help: you start out overrun, and the best weapons in the game don't kill them quick enough. Better idea is to run and gun.

almost 8 years later, this game is still memorable and fun.

Is there a save option? Played for 30 minutes, watched a show, and came back to see "New Game".
Also the physics and controls are kind of difficult.

good, but

For heart of immortality, please either remove the drones, or provide some cover.


It could be way better, if not for the crappy grenade physics, the nearly invincible cars which you need grenades for most of the time. If you could actually make the grenades not bounce back and forth, keep everything in the store instead of one being taken out a certain day, and not have about 50 people following the cars.

Great Game

The only thing i think you should add if you make another is the ability to control a town. Then you could add a defend town option. And vehicles might be nice.

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3.96 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2009
3:54 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional