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Genius Test 3

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This is the sequel to Genius Test 1 and 2. I am not sure if there will be a fourth.
However, I have added a new fun element style of question into this test. Maybe everyone will like it. Please give me feedback on the new types of questions.
Michael G.

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If the question about the current president were the same as it is today, then they should've said "IS", not "was."

This game has been misnamed how can the test be genious if in itself it cannot use knowledge to craft new knowledge or a tool thus making test just a test would be the right name now if you excuse me i will go back to staring at the wall

Has anyone noticed...

That unless you win the game your rank is forever non-genius because there's no way you can lose with only one wrong or two wrong? No matter how far into the game you lost?

Question 13

It is actually depends on if it's a straight going road or a track, which it does not say. It is actually possible to pass the person in last place, it's called "Lapping" a person, if the race is on a track. Yes it's impossible to determine what place you were in because the person could be incredibly slow and everyone in front of him could lap him.

Cute, but...

I take some issue with the pennies and into the woods questions. I got what you meant with the woods answer but what if as far as the person wanted was halfway? Different answers would help but the penny one isn't workin' for me. LOL Perhaps phrasing the question differently because you didn't infer how many pennies were needed until it was no longer empty. Lastly, perhaps some pix of Hot
MEN for us gals (and gay fellas!) next time, hmm? ;)