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Swarm II

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I've made some improvements to my first game.

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I never played your first game, so I can only comment on what I know of this one. It seems like you've nailed the basics of a space shooter game, thats for sure. I liked the general animation fluidity and the usage of sound effects. However, some thing to work on are the overlapping movement patterns, a more definitive death sequence, and a more progressive battle sequence. At this point you're kind of thrown into it with nothing more to accomplish. I think you have potential as a designer, you just need to spend more time working on and improving your concepts.

slightly improved since your last versoion

Like everybody else has said this is just like every other space shooter out there, except no health, power-ups or lives.

The ads posted after some levels is annoying. (Not judging you for this don't know if its really your fault)

The graphics look all right but the don't really seem to fit together really it reminds me of just random generic sprites found. The shots and explosion animation was a little choppy.

The music wasn't bad but got old after a couple levels. The swarm noise was annoy but no where near as annoying as the first game.

With the swarms coming down at random and not being able to manuver around them made it slightly difficult but there wasnt any challenge the only time I died was when i would fidget the mouse the wrong way.

Nothing really that set this game out from other shooter for replay value.

Anyways slight improvement over the last game keep up the progress.

Next improvement, try for lives.

Didn't want to quit this until I cleared the first stage. Got it on my third try, cleared the second stage on my first.

Should try to implement multiple lives (and no "reset entire" for each attempt please), and then powerups.

Its nice for wasting some time on, so its not a total bust.

I've played a lot of space invaders games...

This wasn't the worst, but it needs some dramatic improvements. Power ups or a way to buy upgrades to your ship would be awesome, more than one life, a game over screen, enemies getting stronger or better AI, a sound and music off button, bosses maybe, a storyline or an idea of WHY we are in a what appears to be bomber plane killing insects and floating eyeballs that shoot lasers.

fun for a bit

It's not a bad game necessarily, but it's just kind of lame. A poor mans, poor man's Galiga. I think you should try to make a rail shooter, there are some pretty good ones out there these days and i think you could make a pretty decent one. You have some talent but you just need to work a little harder.