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Law of Gravity

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Edit: The issue with hittests not registering when the game was played at a different resolution has been resolved.

PLEASE read the instructions. I will clarify here because of confusion:
You want to collect red apples, they give points. If a red apple or bomb is about to fall on newton.. collect it, don't block it. If green apple is about to fall on newton, BLOCK it - you don't HAVE to collect it - thats the whole point to being able to close the basket.

Well.. I was bored one weekend and threw together this mini game :p I still found it entertaining... Not the most original idea

Isaac Newton has just "discovered" gravity. However, he keeps getting plunked on the head by apples. Help him write his ideas down by stopping obstacles from hitting his head.

Mouse: Move
Hold Mouse Button: Close basket
Release Mouse Button: Open Basket
m: toggle mute

Red apples = 1 point (collect these)
Green (poisonous) apples = -3 points (don't collect these)
Bombs = destroy all apples on the field. You get a point for each destroyed, even the green one. If a bomb hits Isaac Newton, its an instant game over. (collect these)

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It's raining apples

This game is exactly what it is a collecting game, done in the styles of waves. That's what it is and it does it well. It's simple, straight to the point and easy enough to pick up very easily however that is were the praise ends. The game's simple controls are fine, but the game's simplicity is not. The big franchise of addictive games belong to flash but this was never a challenge even half an hour into the game.


the apples don't fall into the basket, they just fall past/through it. Nothing happens to newton, so there's no point in tryint to catch or block anything.

iKonicStudios responds:

hmm.. You are the second person to mention this to me. I have a hittest function that tends to fail if its played at any resolution other than the normal resolution, which is why I disabled resizing here. Thats the only reason I can think of as to why you can't catch anything. I'll try to look into that.


i kinda like it but next time u make another thing like this u could make a bigger screen....or maybe powerups

This is a good kids mini-game

It's definitely not something I'd play again or would play for more than 5-10 minutes, but it was well made for what it was both visually and audibly. The instructions, controls, and objective of the game was made quite clear in the instructions sub-menu of the menu, the people who say that they don't get it are just morons.

iKonicStudios responds:

Thank you for getting the point :D I made a mini game in a few hours... so I was fully expecting people to play it only once or twice through. Thanks for realizing it for what it was and for the review

Not fun

Not much to say, its just not fun.

You can make the games, now take a step back and make sure the games are worth making

iKonicStudios responds:

Oh cmon. It was made in a total of less than 10 hours :) It popped into my head, so I made it. Not only that, but I have been given great feedback by the people I had play it before I submitted it. Its not meant to kill an hour of your time, its a quick mini game. I was fully expecting a lower score. Considering I had some people who wanted to play it though, it was obviously worth it.

Thanks for reviewing? :)