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An incredible run of 200m with a ball and just mouse button.

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This was simply magnificent, very addicting, and could really give you something to do when your bored

trying to get a high rank is hard to lol, my best is only 17.78

Good attempt

Well, it's an okay game. It's a simple design that offers mild amusement. However, there are a few things holding it back.

First thing's first, it's common courtesy to list the instructions. The fact that it started immediately was a bit of a turnoff as well. Granted, after the first couple seconds you realize what's going on, but it's considered a courtesy to your audience to at least say when the game has started and give a brief outline of what it is you're supposed to be doing.

Then there's the graphics. Now don't get me wrong, graphics are low on the totem pole for my ranking system. However, this was just bland. Black and gray, no background, no detail... It was just very unappealing visually. Definitely a lot of room for improvement.

And then there's no music. Nice if you want to listen to something else, but still, it's just so bland! Can't really score it well if the audio element isn't even there!

Overall it's a nice, simple game. However, its simplicity is also its biggest weakness, since it's incredibly bland. A good attempt, though.


I'm giving you 4 for trying


wow. Very simple but also veeeery addicting. I got 17.91 seconds so I'm on rank 7 :) (My name is bhaku)

I want

a cookie. Nice job, keeps me interested.

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3.63 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2009
12:44 AM EDT