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Tower of Blocks

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Your goal is to build the tallest tower possible. The taller it is, the better it is.
But don't let your tower fall over! That will lead to a game over(thats very bad).
Update: Fixed a bug where the game freezes and nothing happens. It was a rare bug.
A few tips:

Try to keep the pieces close together. This will create a stronger tower.
Try to fit pieces into other pieces.
Do not leave gaps. This will cause structural weakness.
Do set pieces on diagonals, this will allow sliding.
Put pieces of the same color together; this will give you more time!

Up Arrow/Down Arrow - Rotate the current piece.
Left Arrow - Move the current piece left.
Right Arrow - Move the current piece right.
A and D - Make the piece fall faster.


15 unlockable trophies!
Accurate physics
Awesome tower building
Sounds and Music

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Controlls make me mad.

Good game, but rotating a shape is all fucked up, it goes way to fucking fast so you can never rotate a shape perfectly so i got pissed and it got boring, but change that and this will be at least an 8 or 9.


you can improve the controls


Idea's pretty good.

Control was completely crap, no offense. THe pyhsic was pretty good.

will be a great game

great music, love the physics, cool trophy system. once you get the bugs fixed it will be great, like sometimes no new piece falls and you just have to wait for time to run out, and sometimes the piece falls outside your screen where you cant see it, also maybe not a bug but the screen rises before you have a piece on the ground yet, to where you cant see the ground... other than that I liked it a lot and played it over and over. If you polish it up a bit I would look forward to playing it again

Not bad :/

the game's okay, but it seems a little too much like tetris.

Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2009
4:31 PM EDT