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Learn Some F%/ing Spanish

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i made this game hoping that you find it funny, enjoy it and learn something (very doubtful) in the process.

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I like it, but here I have some things I don't agree (answers) :
-"Compromise" can be transladated as "Comprometer" (depends on the context, oh no, the hole of ambiguity x.x).
-It Isn't "noventaicinco", it's "noventa y cinco".

Plus, it would be good adding a "skip button" when the wheels are spinning (sometimes I got bored waiting them to stop xD).

Pero los dominicaƱos estan...


Haha! Dominican slang is no match for this dude!

All in all pretty accurate but you should ask before it starts what nationality they are so it can adjust accordingly =P

but still great job!

Vamos a enseniar a todos eso blancos a hablar espaƱol!!!

... pardon my bad grammar. Spoken not read ;3

DoomedChi responds:

sorry about that im from argentina and im not familiar with all the spanish speaking slangs?(does that makes any sence?)

Im latino and dude

this is totally accuarate, random and funny cmon lets all learn some F%/ing Spanish!

DoomedChi responds:

thank you im glad you enjoyed it

Pretty good.

It might be useful to show the correct answer if somebody gets a question wrong, so they can learn a little bit, but the interface is good and I don't really have any complaints about the game.

DoomedChi responds:

thanks im gonna keep in mind to put the correct answer somewhere in the next game that i make

Just like high school.....

Godamnit, just like high school.......I cant get better than a 50%! Good job, this would be an excellent learning tool given some basic vocab and conjugation lessons.

DoomedChi responds:

thanks for the review.