Stick It V1.0

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Author Comments

Stick It, is created using Adobe Flash CS4, and Action Script 2.

In this version, there is little to do, you can only drag and drop one type of gun, and only four colors of sticks.

Hopefully, in the upcoming versions, there will be much MUCH more, such as different guns, rotation button, layer arrangement, and so on.

Please comment and rate, and give ideas for the next 'Stick It'!

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Not bad

Not bad for a begginer at action script, I am crap at action script T.T Oh well I will get better

Traid333 responds:

Thanks for the rating and review.


More gunz,and some backgroundz

Traid333 responds:

You'll be happy to know that I have already created more guns and backgrounds in the Version 2.0

I could do that...

How long did it take to make that? Like 2 minutes?

Traid333 responds:

Thanks for at least giving me a two.

And of course you could make that, it's extremely simple, just an action for each symbol. But still, I'm only a beginner at action script. Darn...

at this stage, horrible

-dress-up games are obscenely easy to make, therefore, for a dress-uo game to be recognized, it has to be amazing. #1.) it needs music. several tracks of different styles would be good (for acting out different scenes). #2.) it needs alot of felxiblility. dress-up games are about being creative, so people want to be able to do alot of things with their charcters. multiple backgrounds, stickmen that interact with each other, different objects with different effects, anything that people might want to do with their stickmen needs to be there. #3.) art. people like dress-up games where they can enjoy looking at the objects they're playing with. stickmen aren't very artistic. #4.) Creativity. Your game needs to stand out, it needs to have some kind of particular point that makes it more original and amzing than all the other dress-up games out there. that part is up to you.

Does this game have potential? yes, but it's gonna take a hell-of-alotta work to get it to reach its full potential. i wish you luck

Traid333 responds:

Thanks for your helpful criticism!

IT would be a cool idea if....

You could like..... Make it so you can make diffrent scenes that run together...To make a little movie. Like, make a simplified version of flash? Like..a little flipbook?....
Ive always wanted to see that....
Just a thought.

Traid333 responds:

That is an amazing Idea, and if I had the skills, I definitly would make that! It's smart! Thanks for the comment.

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2.65 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2009
9:31 AM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up