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Intergalactic Defence

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Author Comments

Defend the Space station by buying cannons to destroy the advancing alien ships. The ships and cannons all vary in speed, range and power. Your objective is to survive 14 levels. Enemies will pass through space to attack the Space Station. You lose the game if the Space Station is destroyed. You need to buy cannons to shoot the enemies to stop them from attacking the Space Station. When you destroy an enemy, you will get extra money to buy more cannons. When the game progresses, there will be more enemies who will become even stronger. There are a total of 14 levels. May the strength be with you...

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wait a minute.....

I remember playing this exact style of TD on facebook. I noticed this as soon as I saw the tower options at the start.

Unless you made that one, make your OWN TD! If you DID make that one on facebook, make a BETTER one. This one sucks! Sorry dude, its horrible.

Holy crap.

Holy crap, WTF were you thinking?

I love TD games. I've found a few that rocked my sox, and a few -like this- that made me scratch my head and want to throw poop at my monitor.

Your critters are too strong, your towers too weak. Your starting cash gives you very little to work with in terms of offensive capabilities. Hell, dude. I CHEATED on this game, and was barely able to survive the final round. I had towers on every piece of real estate possible, and I still got damaged. Seriously consider re-tooling your mechanics, and adding possible tower upgrades to make it more playable. I'm not saying easier, just more enjoyable. Nobody likes to be totally creamed with little chance of success.

Harsh rating, I know, but like Oracun, I have high standards of playability, and this doesn't get there.

uber bad

this could have been good, had you focused on gameplay instead of graphics. You made it too hard with almost no strategy.


you towers suck and enemy's start off to strong

Very Unfair.

I went against the normal enemies, they go too fast and what you have at the begining wont kill them all fast enough, i went against the slow enemies, they have too much HP and by the time you're close to killing them, they're out of your range and close to hitting the base, i even went against the fast enemies, now those are redicolous, the Machine Gun is suposed to be able to hit those guys having a fast Rate of Fire right?, Well that isn't the case in this game, I couldn't hit them, they are way too fast, they are at your base within a few seconds, they have no problem passing any of your guns, theres no repair selection, so by the time you can actually buy any good Guns or atleast have a Fortification set up to make sure you do actually hit them, your base is almost completely destroyed, The graphics are Okay, But theres no music So i'm going to have to give this a


Sorry for the harsh rating but i have High Standards and this does not meet them.

Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2009
4:50 AM EDT