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ForNoReason Soundboard!

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Author Comments

As a voice actor I get a lot of interesting requests. Some times they are pretty tame... sometimes you are raping a goat. Unfortunately a lot of these projects never get finished for one reason or another. So I decided to grab some of the better clips I have and put them in a soundboard for all to enjoy.

Of course I added your basic greetings and goodbyes and some other standard conversation items. So have fun messing with your friends over the phone or just loving the sound of my voice.

Its not the prettiest thing in the world but the next one will be better if this one is enjoyed enough.

PM me if you need a voice actor! Review telling me what you would like to see in the next one.

Please recommend for the soundboard collection!

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yo last time i checked yall were fucking morons

You've a fine voice, and the clear-cut, no frills interface make this a straight up tool, as well as a innovative VO resume.
It's a little drab looking, 25 voice options... I guess is enough to showcase your talent, needs a stop sounds button. Also, there's a bit too much 'silence padding' at the start of every one of these clips - a professional touch for ease of editing, but in this application, unnecessary.
Very solid effort indeed!


To be honest, I LOVE your voice. It is indeed the prettiest thing in the world. I would love to hear you sing. You should be proud of your wonderful voice. None of my friends are cool enough to have that pretty of a voice. Probably because I don't have any friends. Hm. ( I also have the ability to put my liver on my sleeve, not just my heart & personal information. ) Uh so... Yeah. Make another one. It'd be boss dj.

Oh mah Laward this soundboard is....

the greatest thing since sliced bread, ForNoReason------>
Ok, well I bet I'll eat more sliced bread than I'll use this but you never know.
I mean, just the line, "The last person that said something like that to ME, ended up gettin' pregnant" ALONE is worth it! I rarely laugh out loud, nor do I end up typing that as a period at the ends of my sentences but I did, in fact *shudders at the thought of actually typing it* LOL, listening to a few of these clips. This is really impressive, Man. Another insta-classic is: "Does this extra 200 pounds of weight, make me look fat?" That's funny stuff, Man. I don't care WHO you are.

Oh yeah, I meant to ask, too, what IS up wtih people asking you to do projects, and them just never coming about? Is that pretty common? I JUST got started VA'ing a couple months ago and already I have had several things fall through. I was gettin' pretty stoked about 'em too. Oh well, if ya ever need a wierd, sort of 14 year old boy voiced FEMALE to help you out, just holler! Heh heh heh
Until that time may arise. . .

................Take care, be good and voice act.period

ForNoReason responds:

Best of luck to you! I listened to your stuff thus far and it is very impressive. I see you getting much work soon. A strong female VA is hard to find on this site sometimes =p Also, sadly it is true that you will probably spend some time on a project just for it to get scrapped. One of those things we can't control I guess. We just have to keep pushing forward and work on as much as you can. The more you do the better your chances right?

Anyway thanks for the kind words and I am glad you enjoyed it!

(I think I am going to make another one =p)

Good luck and thanks again!

I'm sorry, man.

The Review below mine(by Whistle-Account) was made by some fool who was incorrectly using my other Account(made for deleting Abusive Reviews). Anyone who is reading this, please Vote X on it because I didn't write that and it's semi-abusive anyhow. - -"

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2009
2:17 PM EDT