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Knights Beasts & Magic 2

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A Veil of Darkness is Shadowing your land. The beasts have taken your people by surprise. Their destruction was violent, merciless, and swift. The fate of your kind is under your command. You must engage these enemies in battle in every region of your kingdom. If you have the fortitude, cunning, and resilience to overcome these beasts you will be victorious. If not, the beasts wont rest until they have devoured all life here.

Note: This is our first game featuring Mochi Coins. The game has 11 levels and many upgrades even without the Premium features from Mochi Coins. But if you want more from this game, you can sign up for an account and enjoy those extra features. Have fun!

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A second clone of strategic mayhem? Suerly 1 clone is too many? I do see a lot of notable improvements though, so you can be forgiven. I like all the extra stuff like the catupult upgrades, you have to buy turrets at the start, etc, I would say that is the most notable, aside from the fact that there are different campaign missions instead of 1 preset. I also like the extra units. the only bad thing is the "premium upgrades". Why would we want to pay real money for upgrades? The only people who would do that are cheats, and if you were going to cheat, just look at an online guide, not pay good money! That aside, though, great sequal, lots more stuff, and it's not quite as simple.

Improvement: hmmm.... Well, more levels would be nice.... get rid of the premium upgrades and let players pay with in game money, not waste their own.... And perhaps maybe online multiplayer, if you're feeling ambitous, that would probably work.

Some improvements

But also a lot of the same problems that came with #1. The wizard is still entirely useless. Fires very slowly, moves very slowly, and dies in one hit. I didn't even bother trying to upgrade his armor, because he's not worth it compared to the catapult. But the catapults fire two bullets at once at random times, meaning that even though my catas are stronger, it makes no difference because it's still a 1 to 1 match. The griffins still move way too fast, hardly kill anyone, and then don't attack units once they reach the base -- although they seem to do more damage to the base, which makes them more useful, definitely. Also, the spawning locations could be tightened for more control over where they go -- sometimes when I pick middle and they spawn left anyway, it makes me feel why bother to have a choice.

Not bad, improved over one, but still not what I want to spend the time finishing.

It's a fun game.

My only issues are that a) naturally, it's not very original and b) given the sophisticated nature of the execution, it's really surprising that the "end" of the battles are VERY abrupt. They really need some kind of big explosion for closure.

Aside from that, well done.