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Eridani RTS

rated 4.02 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Sep 4, 2009 | 7:17 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Update: Version 1.4.1
Ship AI improved, will now fight back quicker
Arrow key scrolling improved
Level auto save - now saves the instant you win
Continue button fixed - now no need to refresh
Enemies makes construction ships and colonizes other planets (after level 5)
Enemy doesnt make mining drones if has loads of money
Increase ship limit option - use at own risk!
Stopped enemy "rush" on earlier levels

UPDATE: Version 1.3.1
Fixed glitch which allowed you infinite money
Fixed glitch which allowed you to skip levels

UPDATE: Version 1.3.0
Ship target aquiring improved dramatically
Levels 1 & 2 (tutorial) made quicker and easier

Space based RTS

Eridani is a space based real time strategy where you build your base round the edges of planets. Mine resources from asteroids to build various combat ships and interplanetary missle that are fired from the planets surface (some of which can destroy entire planets!)

Also features "Skirmish Mode" where you can create your own battle in a randomly generated sector.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


nice idea but needs a lot of tweaking

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice needs some work but love it

great game just you gotta do something about the enemy's strength
this reminds me of the zegling rush thing in star carft cause the enemy will be on you and you can't even fully prepare for them they attack you with about every ship imaginable and i'm still building ships and also the ships never really respond to retreating or they will circl around the planet and do whatever or ignore an enemy that flies by them.
that needs fixing and the music is kinda not there
other wise it's a great game i enjoyed it kept me occupied for about 4 hours actually
but then i got annoyed with the computer but refused to ever surrender either way i still got raped over and over cause the computer jus rushed me before i could really do anything


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, need polishing

Its good and all, good and solid game, but some things need tweaking;

what im usually doing; i ususally make 10 ressoucesing ships early, followed by a quick rush of base builders and take all planets i have acess to... build huge missile turret blockade (protect access to asteroids and, if possible, spawn camp the enney base) controls all ressources, turtle up a bit. Get rid of mining drones, get massive army of doom, win.

I like to use one repair drone and order it to follow a heavy fighter.. nearly unkillable so far... the ennemies absolutely ignore my repair drones.

our units are unresponsive ; repair units arent doing their job properly (arent repairing stuff near them.. takes AGES to turn to face the thing we asked them to reapir.. only for them to get there and NOT do it).. attack drones take ages to realise ennemies are near (and die) or fly off on their own for no reason..

Ressource gathering is not very important.. since stuff isnt expensive, im constantly in the 10k surplus ressource. Im collecting it so the ennemy cant.

Capturing ''zones'', IMHO, should give some free, passive bonus.. (maybe it did.. but im not sure, free tech lvl after a while?) if its just unlocking an upgrade im not really gaining something from that invasion... since i will have to wait and pay for it later on.

Ships arent balanced. .. the long range artillery can absolutely murder a base with impunity.. and im the one using it. These things bombard planets several screens away, and they ignore the presence of the planets themselves .. theirs bombs just pass through them!

missile turrets, even with its low damage output (have trouble against heavy units), are too good... their range allow me to make unbreachable blockades so the ennemies cant collect ressources anymore.

In the later levels, the CPU seems to have a significant advantage against us (larger starting ressources?).. would like to be able to have a few escort ships when we start in the mid-later levels.. after all.. we do controls XYZ number of systems.. we should be able to get backup in some way or another (other than getting more stuff we need to pay for)

it was fun for awhile. Keep up the good work, i kinda like where it is going..

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nothing new.

Just like many other games except maybe this one is worse. The units don't even listen to you at times. You click on a building so they attack it and they decide to run around the planet once and just stand there. It got REALLY annoying.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


this game is ok a good time waster and all, but sometimes ill click to attack and it will do that thing were my units make a formation and then they stop attacking like when i go to an enemy planet and then they die! Its a good game overall but i didnt love it, it could be better but good job mybe make another one and just fix soe problems cause i would like that one!