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Canufit is an incredible abstract puzzle where you need to use logic, attention and feeling to fit the letters of the words in pictures. Can you fit ?

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it was good.. id like to play more lvls without having to regester or pay or watever that is.

some levels are incredibly easy.. some the solutions were easy but getting them in wasnt.. such as the rain lvl.. u needed to get it pixel perfect for it.. the rainbow lvl was just too easy but was annoying that some colours wernt very noticable when lit up.. such as the blue.
and the last lvl was as easy as the first and it dissapointed me.. tho overall a nice game to pass time for a few miutes if u have the paitnece :P first try came 4th on leder board but cant be bothered to go for top


liked it! nice little puzzle game, pity you need mochicoins for more difficult content ;p


The game is original but pretty hard...... I've reached the "rain" level but I'm stuck.
The gameplay is pretty unique, this is the first game of this type I see anf the interfece is simply (sometimes is problematic to rotate pieces), the only flaw is there are no music.

It's a great game packaged in a really small box.

First and foremost, I must applaud you for making a game of this standard while not even pushing 300kb which is pretty awesome.

The Good:
- Small size - It's rare to find games of this quality
- Long lasting - I only finished the game after a good half hour
- Unique gameplay - Never before have I seen a game like this one
- Reasonable amount of levels - Any more and it would get boring, any less and it would be too short
- Simple interface - This is great since a puzzle game should not be too flashy

My Criticisms:
- No music - Music would've enhanced the puzzling atmosphere of the game
- Uneven difficulty - I must admit that levels 5 and 6 are much harder than 8 or 9
- Mochi Integration - I did not have a Mochi account, so I could not access the full game. This wouldn't had mattered on a site where it was very likely that players had Mochi, but on a site like Newgrounds where perhaps a minority have Mochi, it would have been best to leave out this feature and just allowed free access to the other levels.

For me, this was a very enjoyable, new experience and I wish to see more good work from you.

i like it

i see nothing worng with the game i stuck on level 8

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3.86 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2009
10:46 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other