Troll's Rage

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What about an angry and ...hungry huge Troll ecaped from goblins' prison?!
Troll's Rage is our first side scrolling brawler where you control a Troll that escapes from the prison where Orcs and Goblin keep him as their special heavy-weapon for the battle versus humans.
Release all your brutal violence and rage against Orcs and Goblins first and then against the human army you'll find on your way to freedom.

Some game features:
Fantasy mood with orcs, goblins, soldiers and mages
Humor and gore in a user friendly gameplay with easy controls
7 game-levels with intermediate checkpoints
Special attacks like acid vomit & devouring RAGE
All 3D graphic characters and background
Dynamic particle system for blood, arrows and magic spells fx
In-Game achievements for special bonus
Automatic savegame at the end of each level
Original soundtracks and sound fx

Enjoy your rage and ...Eat'em all!
GameGuide link is availabel on the Game Main Menu.
Controls are visible on the game 1st level background:
"Arrow Keys" or "WASD" to move
"Z" or "J" for heavy attack
"X" or "K" for fast attack
Press twice left or right arrow key to run
Press "Z" or "J" while running for jumping attack
Hold "Z" or "J" for powerful crushing strike
Hold "X" or "K" for powerful hurling blow
Press together "Z"+"X" or "J"+"K" to eat an enemy on the ground
"SPACEBAR" to vomit (when your stomach is sufficiently full and blinking)
"M" to turn off/on music and sound
"P" to pause
"ESC to main menu


the game is so cool.especially the gore and i like your games with this theme(orcs goblins and other) can you make a story but to be an orc this time? pls?

i like it

its coll but whats a b movie I(just courious )

Xplored responds:

Thank you!

nice graphics but bad gameplay

Like all your games, this one has really nice graphics too, I like that. I also like it's concept: a furious brutal being goes home destroying everything that gets in his way: yeah, that's cool! But unfortunately the controls and the gameplay werent as well designed as the graphics, and it spoils the game pretty much!
This game has too very big flaws.
One is the controls:
- Every action should have its own button instead of being the combo of other actions! Like this trieing to eat a corpse when I'm in a wrong spot results executing the 2 attack type, and the secon one will destroy the corpse! (And also it's hard to do in the middle of battle!)
Running is also very hard to trigger, it would be much better if I had to hold shift or ctrl + an arrow to run! I know many games use 'fast double tap an arrow' for running, but it still sucks, becouse half the times I try it doesn't work! (And if I wanted to make a running attack, but the run command fails, I might end up being surrounded and trying to execute a slow move - wich means a couple of free hits for them!)
- There should be some way to cancel a slow move. They can be triggered accidentaly and can get quite a few free hits for the enemies, when executed at the wrong time!
- There should be either two running attacks or both attack button should activate the run attack.

The other big flaw is with the gameplay:
- The enemies make a good use of their quickness, and have a chikenish strategy: hit and run (literally). This works well for them but pretty annoying for me, especially with the archers and magicians!
- The troll is soooo slow! Not just the movement but also (almost) all the attacks. In contrast all the enemies are fast and they have fast attacks too! And if I add their high numbers and chickenish strategy, it's clear that they totally overpower me, it's not quite a fair situation!
The only thing I can use is the run attack, that is the only fast attack.
- The enemies can run off the screan and even attack from there! I think it's a bug and a very annoying one, considering the abovementioned strategy!

Do you know the game Hobo brawl? Now that's a well designed game in this category. Next time if you want to make a brawler take that as an example! If you do I'm sure it will be much better than this one.

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Xplored responds:

Thanks for the complete, fair, propositive comment. All what you said is right. We did this game 6 months ago and even more important ...many games ago :-D

Fun, with a Few Flaws

The game is pretty good. The controls are a little clunky, there isn't a lot of rage, and the enemies can be cheesy (I.E. take potshots and then leave off screen). Other than that, it's a fun game. The controls takes getting used to.

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Xplored responds:

Many THanks!

Loved It

Awesome, I loved it, especialy barfing flame of the wizards towards the end, a bit too easy but I was impressed enought that i went to your site and played almost every single one of your games, I also love that you get to play as a beastie instead of a human... good job!

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3.71 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2009
3:41 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler