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Mulle the Game

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The game is an awesome game about the cool fighting elphant Mulle with scary eyes. The game is created in a secret basement in California.

Hot steam coming out of a tube can make elephants fly!

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awesome game? are you really that diluted? like they said, you just need to work on it some more...its only half finished. put the work it and you will reap the rewards, just like with anything. now...stop being so lazy and start programming!


Looks like you have a half finished game there. The graphics were okay and the controls might need a little work but there is little point in playing it in that state.

In short, thanks for wasting my time!


Am i missing something?

Very slow

Movement was extremely slow, visuals were rough and unappealing. I couldn't figure out the point, so it just left me with a big feeling of "why?".

poor controls

You did spend some time and effort to create good-looking graphics, level-design with small puzzles and everything. Thats good.

But the physics / controls just suck. The screen is too small, so I cannot see where I'm jumping. The character gets stuck against walls. I cannot control the height of jumps. There's an awkward pause before every jump. The character bounces. There's no concept of acceleration. Having your feet on a moving object does not cause you to move along with that object.

It really wasn't enjoyable for me because of that.

Credits & Info

2.18 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2009
12:34 PM EDT