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Interactive Shotgun v1

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Can it be? Theres another installment to the Interactive Weapon series??? Yup! Its true, VirusX117 is back again and this time its bigger and better than ever before. Remember being able to fire indefinitely for all eternity? Well, those days are over! Interactive Shotgun v1 features the following upgrades from its predecessor the Interactive Pistol v1.5:

-Limited ammo!
-Upgraded graphics
-A more helpful help file
- Working safety!

The entire system was rebuilt from the ground up for this one. The animations are smoother and crisper. I put a lot of time and effort into upgrading and tweeking according to what you, the people, demanded. All of you were heard but some of you were saying things that are out of my scope currently. But enough with my rambling and on to the simulation. Enjoy, Interactive Shotgun v1!

I could not decide what music to put in the background but I will put some in. PLEASE give me some suggestions. And no, "techno style!" or "rap!" if you want to suggest something, specify! Give me a title, artist, and where I can possibly get the track. (All credit will be given to the artist of course)

Upcoming Interactive Weapons:

Interactive Pistols
-Colt 1911 (v3 in development)
-Glock 18
-Desert Eagle
-.357 Magnum Revolver

Interactive Shotguns
-M3 [Pump action] (Debuted 8/30/09)
-Sawn Off [Break Action]

Interactive Rifles
-M4A1 (in development)
-Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle

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how do i use the shotgon

I really enjoyed the realistic gun detail, and the limited ammunition on the shotgun is much better than some gun simulators i have played where the guns have unlimited ammo, but one thing, i think pump action shotguns do not automatically eject the empty cartridge and it is working the pump handle that ejects the cartridge as well as cocking the gun but, however none the less an excellent gun simulator and the best i have seen on any website i have visited.
5 stars 10/10

Nice simulation

Like your 'Interactive Pistol' simulations, this one is also accurate and educational. The disclaimer was a nice touch, and adds a level of professionalism. It also helped to explain your intent in making the game.

Manually loading the shells one by one would have been a nice feature, but it is fine as is. As for music, I think that the game is fine as is. If you select a track you think is good, there will always be people who will rate your game lower simply because the music does not suit their tastes. (But if you do choose to add music to a future version, please include a mute button so that the player can listen to his own music instead.)

Please continue making these, as they are educational and interesting. As a person highly interested in firearms, I salute you for the good work you are doing. Not every firearms enthusiast is a hillbilly and/or hermit nutter or a homicidal maniac, and your flash shows that well.

like it

try to put a variety of shotguns in the game such as semi automatic and full auto shotguns

A few mistakes:

-The shell doesn't automatically extract in a pump shotgun.
-The cambered shell should pop out when you pump it.
-Finally, let us reload if you are limiting ammo.