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Hey peeps - hope you'll like this train warfare game we made! Please comment!

You're driving the worlds first Super War Train. Your task is to defend your lands from an invading force, complete missions and destroy enemy bosses.

You can literally blow up anything and everything - this will give you more money to upgrade your train with.


Controls (may take a little while to get used to - please be patient!)

W and S keys to move along tracks.

Mouse to change track direction at switch points.

Mouse to aim and shoot.

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eh, it's ok.

its sort of fun but you dont get enough money per level.

Why the low score?

I'm surprised this has such a low score as I think it's a great game! The way you were able to just simply use those controls to go everywhere and blast all of those crazy people and tanks and crates and stuff was just awesome! It has the look of something for say younger audiences but adds in a lot of blowing stuff up for older audiences giving it something for everyone.

Quite good

Ok...Very simple and nice game

Nice work

Graphics are amazing, good controls, good gameplay.
Also like the upgrade choices, but could use a few more.

Only issue is the sound/music, which was pretty annoying.


This is a fun game and an interesting idea. The controls are easy to learn and use, but the gun is a bit hard to aim, since it shoots so slowly. The graphics are good, but the music does gets annoying after a while. Still, a good game!