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A blobs tale

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The star of power hides across the other end of this strange, dark world. Only you, a small but misschievous Blob, stands between the Dark creature that wants to use the star to rule the world. Venture through platforms, puzzles and several bosses in order to find and hunt down the star of power.

*NOTE* The file was corrupt when i submitted it last month and i didn't get round to fixing it untill this week. Enjoy the game.

*EDIT* Wow, front page! Thanks alot newgrounds :).

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its strange that kongregate only had the second game

Aw, no medals on this one? Still, just as atmospheric as the sequel. A lot of ambient exploration and adventure with varied scenery, and a menu almost more stylish than the game itself. Only downside with this compared to the next one is that it sometimes appears like you're walking above the ground, it doesn't always follow the contours of the landscape. The footsteps are a bit loud too, it brings down the ambiance a bit, but otherwise it's real nice! Keep it up!


Someday I was searching for a nice game to play online. I don't know exactly how, but I ended up finding this game and decided to experiment. This is the first art game I've played and it introduced me to other awesome ones like "The Company of Myself" and "Coma". The atmosphere is just right, not too depressive like some other art games. Cute art, nice story, nothing to really complain about the controls, so it's a really good game :)
PS.: Love the sequel ^-^


Boomerang doesn't seem to work with my Mac. Really fun otherwise.

great game but ..

the boomerang don't work !