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Astral Solitaire

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Author Comments

Astral Solitaire is a golf like solitaire game. With a retro/sci-fi style, your goal is lead your spaceship to the flag.

You'll win when you had cleared almost all cards on the tableau. If a card is either one rank higher or one rank lower than the top card, you can move it from the tableau.

For each card moved, your spaceship take one step. If you can't move any card, click on the stock to receive a new one, but then all enemies will take a step. Use your gold (diamonds) to buy more health, bullets and shield. Shop special cards to improve your gameplay experience.

Use right-click to toggle sound fx, music and quality.


- Fun golf like solitaire
- 25 levels
- 5 unique enemies
- Lots of power-ups (Special cards)

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solitare sucksks on its own, this makes it better.

Fun game. The graphics and sound design create an enjoyable atmosphere.


To me, it became varied hands of Golf meets Zathura.
It has all sorts of little charming cards to buy in the shop, and for the most part the game is pretty balanced.
Any complaints that this game is tilted are really void in my opinion seeing as how Golf is mostly luck based anyway, and in this particular version, I win far more often then the traditional version, and this has you in a spaceship to boot so... I gotta give this game tons of props.
Many thanks for putting such a submission on the portal, it's gonna kill a couple hours for sure.

I can pass out of level 7.

come on I was doing the stuff I was supposed do but no they just gave me the wrong cards I need to pass the level.

Could have been better.

Being a fan of Solitaire, I had high hopes for this. Alas, I'm sorry to say I was let down.

The concept is good, but there was one major flaw: extra tasks were put toward the player with no extra way to accomplish them. Everything was based on luck of the draw. Now that's fine, but when the luck itself can prevent you from winning a level in Solitaire, why put in the added difficulty of aliens trying to shoot you out of the sky? I lost on more levels not because I ran out of bullets or health, but because I just didn't have the cards. Yes, that's Solitaire. But when you play a level 10 times in a row and don't die, but you can't win because the cards don't show up, your main focus stops being bullets and becomes the cards. Which means, you've lost the entire point adding aliens on top of a card game.

I'd honestly rather play Solitaire than this. At least then, I don't have to keep pretending to play a game on the side by adding health or bullets.

I will give you one bonus point, though; I loved the sound effects, particularly when you win and lose. Reminded me of some old-school arcade.

If I were to suggest an improvement, I'd say, stack the cards so that the player at least has a chance to finish each level, if they can see the right moves to make. Or, maybe something like Spider Solitaire: the player can make an otherwise bad move if, ultimately, it'll work in his or her favor.

Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2009
4:02 PM EDT