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Time to blow up some more colourful spaceships, this time with style.

Many more levels, ships and 30 unique bosses!
Loads of upgradables, unlockables and achievements
Deep high scroing system
Insane bullet patterns
Tons of extra features and difficulty modes



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The game that got me into touhou, love this game, I keep forgetting I won't die on contact to enemies, its fucking heaven

This game was great! It was very action packed, and I like games that you cant overthink, leaving only you and your pure instinct... Anyways, what was I saying again? Oh yeah! This I rate 20/10 stars!

Very good

And now here was a great game first off the awards won for this was very fitting but the game itself was great the graphics could be a bit better I like the design of the ships on this one so there was some nice detail there. Graphics are really good just need some small polish but anyways nice work here

Some more polish in graphics and more detail in background


Right, so where to begin...

Ah, yes, the music. Phenomenal is the only word that seems fitting to describe this game's music. This probably has to do with my love for rock music, but I digress. This specific type of rock music can really get you pumped up for what you're about to do, and during this game, you need to get pumped up to play it, especially in Frantic mode, which I tried out myself. The only flaw with the music is that it's extremely repetitive.

Speaking of game modes and gameplay in general, the only flaw that I can see is that theirs not enough detail in the battleground background. And that really isn't a gameplay flaw, it's more of an aesthetic flaw if anything. But that's just nitpicking. Gameplay wise, this game is flawless. Tons of action happening when you're playing it (which is always a plus), a shop system, and bosses all make the gameplay aspect amazing.

Perfect Segway into what shall be talked about next. If you didn't see it, then look over the gameplay portion of this review. We're sidetracking heavily here, sorry about that. Anyways, the combat system and bosses is what shall be talked about next. The combat is the same that it was in the original Frantic game. It's basically a bullet rain game, where you shoot bullets at enemies on auto-fire and they shoot bullets back at you. In this game, colliding with other ships does not damage yours, which is a major plus. Only the bullets damage you, which is helpful when half of the screen is bullets and the other half is enemies and you. Now, the bosses. They are spectacular. They practically have a warm-up stage and a crazy bullet happy stage, where the goal is to reduce their health to zero. Overall, an amazing combat system.

Overall, I would play this game again and again and again. 5 stars to you good sir.

is way better than frantic 3