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For Misa

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For Misa

Ahhh..... soo cute!!!!

not good drawing but I love the idea for the video, I hope Misa likes it.


This-is-a-NG-profile responds:

Indeed she did... Thanks :D


You should have made it longer with audio mate
Then you would be scoring higher

This-is-a-NG-profile responds:

I'm not worried about score.

what. the HELL!

Put your skills into something longer than 6 seconds!

This-is-a-NG-profile responds:

Trust me, I have before.

This is newgrounds.

That was far to short for an animation and had no sound, it would be good if this was on a site that was far different then newgrounds as we don't care.

This-is-a-NG-profile responds:

Newgrounds' slogan; "Everything by Everyone"...

I do believe that this falls under the "Everything" category.

And I do believe I fall under the "Everyone" category.

Good day, faggot.