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Tile Break

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Welcome to my awesome release of complete unoriginality! But nah it's alright. A nifty little thing I whipped up after getting hooked on Brick Breaker on Facebook for a while. Has the highscores in-game. A little more colorful and strangely addictive. Use the mouse to destroy clustered tiles.

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Its hard because the colors look slightly similar

HStudios responds:

You can change the colors ift hey are too similar, in the top right hand corner of the main menu.

Took my to Saturn and back

A level with just different shades of blue tiles blew my mind. Think I had an acid flashback.

HStudios responds:

Lmao. Same as above, you can change the colors.

cant put in your name,

fix the bugs and its good i guess,
score 97.74%, 1744 points

HStudios responds:

Your name goes in on the front page.


i love games like this. so addictive. the big issue is when you start getting towards the end, the pieces dont come together at the bottom so its fairly impossible to completely win unless you plan it out perfectly, and it would probably have to have the pieces spawned just right too. though i think im seeing the reasoning behind this is that its just the one level. so its not so bad i suppose.. the little problem is lack of music. but eh, its still fun.

HStudios responds:

The thing with adding music, is that it would increase the filesize by atleast 1000%, and I don't see this game as one people would play for much time.

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3.50 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2009
7:30 AM EDT