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Escape the Cave

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Author Comments

You have fallen into a dark hole. You have no source of light.

Use the arrow keys to move and see if you can escape the cave!

Arrow keys are a step in that direction. No turning.

If the music fades away or stops then you have fallen off course.

My first game, let me know if you find any bugs.

No preloader sorry.

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all you did was make a blank screen and add music and tell people they have to escape. the music ends by itself without doing anything at all so you saying that means you have gone off track makes no sense. this game is obviously fake and there is no solution to it dont waste your time playing it.

Many things to work on

I just can say what the others already said.
That game is boring.
You just see a black screen and you are lost in the game.
Some items would definately help.
First of all it would be nice to have a lantern so that you can at least see if you are walking against a wall or where other ways are at.
Make is a bit labyrinth like with many tunnels.
Maybe it should be possible to find a piece of chalk so that you can mark the ways you already went.
And maybe you suddenly find a stone or two you can move and a secret way is in front of you wich is not market in the map of course.
And there should be a few hints or something that makes you think or maybe also tells you something to do so that you can see some progress.
It just needs a nice story.


an interesting start, so this is what you can do to work on making it a great game. have it start out that you get trapped in a cave because the entrance got block by a cascade of boulder due to an earthquake or something.

You have some items in your pocket that you can take out and use, like a knife and a lighter. So you use the lighter to create a small glow, but you still need more items that would help you while you try to find an exit. Make it so you can gather things that you see. Have a stick and a rag, and you burn the rag to make a torch to creat more glow to see.

And probably have a hidden mystery in the cave that you come across. Some exploring team got lost in the cave a long time ago and you find a skeleton. You use thier tools and stuff to help your way, like a map and maybe a weapon of some sort. Add hazards to challenger the gamer. Crossing a dangerous underground river or snakes.

And work on detail to make it look like what you looking at is easily identifiable. Some ideas to help you out. It's like a point and click game and I hope this helps you out.


Nice flash in the tradition of Jerry's Quest for Gold

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good idea, but needs work maybe you should a little character holding a lantern that you can control, something visual to please the user.

Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2009
10:12 PM EDT