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Devil Kid Quest: Roxas

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Author Comments

This game has been my longest and hardest project left, i have done everything i could to make it a likable and fun game, but be warned that this game is challenging, i wanted to make a game that would make people come back to it just to try to beat it again and again, i think ive succeeded, please enjoy.

If there are any problems plese let me know and i will fix them right away.

Also if people who are going to leave a bad comment are going to leave it about the graphics then dont bother, i know i suck at drawing on the computer and i have the balls to admit it, yes i know i need to get an artist, if your going to say that this is my first flash, then hold your tounge, i probably know more about flash than alot of people, like i said before im awsome at coding, not at drawing, people who are having trouble with the controls, guys c'mon i put in an instructions menu for a reason, space uses keys, x uses health packs and z uses life coins.

and the reason you guys are giving this a bad reveiw is cause you cant cheat by right clicking and pressing play or TAB, because im smart and took them out, or its because my game beat your ass like i said it would, i said my game was challenging and since people cant beat it they give it a bad reveiw.

Ive said my piece, i know this game should have gotten a better score than it did, but it didnt and theres nothing i can do about, but maybe when i post my next one some people would have grown some eyes and looked at the inner game and not the graphics.

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well its a very nice if u look past the graphics

roxasreaper responds:

thank you

Fun thing

OK man. i see this is one of your first things done in flash and we all started of with such a thing. Don't worry. YOu're gonna get there, but this game just ain't good enough for newgrounds, so keep it to yourself and your friends (no offense or smthing). The more things you produce, the more you will learn and things will get to look better and better, and at last theyre ready to go on newgrounds!!!

roxasreaper responds:

lol i kno more than you, im just not good at graphics, thats the only reason this game didnt get a good score


its much of a game when the bad guys can see u though a wall and when u go down the little tunnel thing ur dead, and not much a game when a bad guy is locked on 100% of the time and when he gets u, u stay still, and die

very bad game

roxasreaper responds:

lol you dont stay still when a bad guy gets you, wtf have you been smokin


quite poorly made, but i guess its your first game made?
The concept itself isn't bad, but for future games, create a mute button.
Also would be nice if you added a story of some sort to the game to make it a bit more interesting?
Anyway, good luck on further doodles :)

roxasreaper responds:

lol its not my first game, and i know the only reason you think that is because of the graphics, yes i suck at drawing so sue me

a problem

It seems like a pretty cool game, but i can't get through the yellow doorway. I'm assuming it's supposed to be a door you unlock with the key, but it doesn't work. Let me know if you if you figure it out.

roxasreaper responds:

lol dude read the fucking instructions, thats why they are there, you press space to use keys

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2009
3:10 PM EDT