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Charles Burger#@#@#@

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Author Comments

It's the latest point n' click adventure game that's fun for the whole family~
starring your best friend~
It's Charles Burger.

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Lol just lol, I love random Nazi spam

What's not to love? How's the review club reviews! Funnier than the game! Keep up the crap work!
ooo here's a guide on how to win:
1) No
2) No
3) Oh FFS Yes
4) right
5) No
6) NO
8) left
9) wait ages while the yes button is up
10) Now yes to opening door
11) That last image of Charles Burger is worth the price of admission.
12) Listen to the entire song 18 times and you will TRULY understand it.

Please enjoy the playguide. I'll be working for Bradygames soon.


To be honest, I didn't play this game for too long. I couldn't even sit through the introductory part. Graphics here where already horrible and so was the sound.

A pink background and on top of that pink text that is even all over the place? Seriously, if you add text to this, put it in subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Use text boxes with a white background and black text.

The voice was way too muffled and it was very hard to understand...

I thought: If the introduction is already this bad, the game that should follow can't be any better, so I closed the flash again.

{ Review Request Club }

Not funny...

You just made something completely useless, just 3 buttons in the whole game, a face of an idiot man over a hamburger, a stange voice and an end with weird people with nazi swasticas... It's completely idiot, I didn't like it...

I just think you have potential, since you made a nice job when you just putted a lot of photos spinning, I just think you should use it for better causes, not for idiot games like this one, full of racism and political "funny" things... improve your skills, man...

Afraid I do not see the humor.

It may have something to do with the my lack of knowledge of British...well, anything, really, but I would not really call this a point-and-click adventure, much less a game. The images were unappealing, and choppy animation did not really engross me, though the door opening was rather smooth.

The lack of a replay button seems odd, considering it is something of a standard in most flash submissions, though I am unsure if it would even be used. I have no doubt there is a niche for this kind of humor that people can appreciate, but I am not one of them. Still, keep working at it.

[Review Request Club]

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2009
3:00 PM EDT