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Interactive Pistol v1.0

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Greetings NG! This is my very first attempt at posting anything on NG. I figured I would go with something I know so I made an interactive pistol. I know there are a few others already posted up on here but I wanted to make one of my own. So here it is, my very first NG submission: Interactive Pistol v1.0!! Enjoy!

(Please note: I will add sound FX as soon as I can find some half decent ones, so please do not tell me that I need to do this as I already know. Thanks! :D Also, you can fire the gun as many times as you want after pulling the hammer back. I would make it only fire a certain amount of times but I am unaware as to how)

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its kind of a good thing and a bad thing to teach people how to fire a gun beacause they get a gun and might shoot a person but great for a first flash BRAVO

Check your e-mail

i sent you a free roblox and club penguin account (if you even play that) but anyway check your e-mail i sent them to you because you did such a good job with your first flash EVER :D

it reminds me of

the iphone ap that's a shot gun that you can cock and fire but anyway it was interesting, you could add in another gun or two like a desert eagle and m16 then let us chose which gun to use

VirusX117 responds:

Not everyone has an IPhone... and I am working on more weapons.


I just few days ago thought about something like this.

VirusX117 responds:


i see potential

hey i like this one, most people have a general idea of how to fire a gun but i bet some like me were unsure when which action is needed, with a little more detail and maybe different weapons included and maybe information on cleaning etc i can see this being very good! good effort :D

VirusX117 responds:

Interesting. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!

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2.73 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2009
6:19 AM EDT