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Whoa! We're totally blown away by the response Tarboy's had so far :O We can barely keep up with all the incredible reviews, notes and emails! Thank you everybody for the daily feature and front page!

It's taken us a long time to finally upload Tarboy, so thanks to all the people who've been waiting patiently. We hope you enjoy it :) Check out the Bonus features too, we put a lot of work into it!

The score was composed by Newground's own Hania Lee.

Now that we've got this one out we can focus completely on Tarboy II.



ok, ive watched this 2 times trying to find anything the least bit entertaining in the entire flash and ill admit it has very good animation, but the story has been overdone and its not very original. IMO it does not deserve being at the top of the list. its not funny at all. i remember when the top submisions were actaully worth watching.

Essentially a badly written cliché

There isn't much to say about this. I'm sure so many Tarboy fanboys are going to attack me for writing this, but at least I get my point across.

So, let's start with the good aspects.
The art style was phenomenal, and the sound effects were enticing to say the least, the music was well-synced with the animation and the music its self was actually really good, especially the jazz portion. The animation flowed smoothly and the voice acting was way above par.

But why a 4, you ask?
Well, this is a flash movie. You got the flash part down, but didn't quite get the movie part down. The story was aggravating: Why exactly were the robots down there? Did they have nothing better to do? Were they digging for resources? Were they expanding for an underground kingdom? What was this 'new and improved' way, exactly? How did memory chips form to become a living piece of tar, capable of abstract thought (revenge)? I also think hard drive would have been a better way to describe the memory chips, it more accurately reflects memory (because that's where everything in a computer is stored), but that isn't exactly a major flaw in the story, it's just me nitpicking. The story is filled with plot holes (how did they figure out his weakness, he killed everyone he saw!) and the story was painful to sit through. If it weren't for the artwork, I wouldn't even be able to sit through writing a review this thorough for it with it playing in the background.

Come to think of it, this is exactly the same as Waterlollies, the art and sound was beyond great, but the entire concept of a 'movie' is missed in both of these pieces. I can't really see how so many people like this. I can tell a lot of work went into it, and that's great, I respect that. Obviously, not enough work went into it though.

Since the story is the most important part of any movie (cloverfield anyone?), this gets six points off.


I really don't understand why people like this so much. I gave it a three only because the animation was pretty good (note: PRETTY GOOD). The story line is quite stupid and makes little sense, and the music at the beginning legitimately makes me angry due to the story telling that goes along with it. Maybe it just isn't for me, but I think people need to examine it a bit more.

Where to start...

All right, first thing's first. a bunch of fanboys who are appaled by a 3 out of 10 are gonna want an explanation.

First, this wasn't really all to confusing. No, but that's a good thing. But that's not to say certain aspects are not completely irrational.
What did the robot things do in the mines? Dig up coal? probably, but it irritates me not to know.
How could a memory chip live through tar? The thickness of pure tar would immediately pulverize any sort of memory chip.
If the memory chips DID indeed survive, then how did tarboy have any correlation with it? he was clearly there to avenge them, but was he all of the memory chips combined?
Was tarboy a pro or antagonist? The old robot dud spoke of Tarboy in horror, but as their ancestors were the victims, wouldn't that make tarboy a good guy? The kid sure thought so.

It was cheesy kinda. Short statement, no question.

This lacks the epicness of previous ng flash portal #1s. It doesn't have Waterlollies' graphics and texture, nor Xiaoxiao 3's beastness.

Don't hate me over this. It was good, no denyinng it, but if i gave it the 8/10 it deserved, this review would be lost in the perpetual see of praising, blind, butkissing reviews. I don't want that. So people, I conclude this review with one simple hint:
You know you may regret it.

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