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Reviews for "Tarboy"


I was utterly amazed by the quality of the graphics, story and just about every other aspect of this movie. truly a masterpiece worth a tank award.


i have to see the next one soon..or al go mad with rage

ah its amazing

thanks for showing everyone what real quality work is.. that was excellent


Fantastic story line, and even better animation and affects. I love the way it ended with a cliff hanger. Definetly deserving movie of the year! Hope to see a sequal!


I honestly didn't see anything 'TOO' cliche. Sure it wasn't the first of it's kind, but every story is just another version of another. Things like the bible are the same way, but you won't be hearing people commenting of how it's cliche or anything. This movie, to me, is of the same variety. Sure, there have been things like this before, but in another person's idea and perspective. And honestly, it reminded me quite a bit of the dreamworks movie ROBOTS, but it didn't really stop me from enjoying it any less. I don't see much flaw in it, it isn't exactly my favorite flash of all time, but that's about it. Great work of this flash!