Reviews for "Tarboy"

Awesome... Beyond words...

Anyone going to make Flash movies should just see this first. This is now mandatory in the Flash curriculum. Yes, this will be in the test.

Great stuff :D


great plot and i love the crazy old janitor please make more and maybe a game?


i dont think i have ever seen anything like this this video has changed my perspective of newgrounds forever never seen such a powerful video before and ive seen where the red fern grows sad sad movie but anyways back to TARBOY wonderful graphics Absoubltly BRILLIANT story i would never of thought of anything is magnificant or for that matter been able to create Hania i must say it was you that actually sold the video for me the music i dont belive there are words to describe how well the music fit with the story....
but i shall try it perfectly displayed what was goin on i didnt even need to watch it the first time to know what was happening now that takes talent i dont think that has ever heard something like this before see i dont actually watch all the videos ill admit i still vote on them but this i had to watch the Music was simply to irresitable i had to find out what was goin on and i must say you did not let me down like so many other videos.
From now on i dont think i will ever vote another 10 on a video again it was that good you set the bar so high but i have to no WHO WAS THE OLD ROBOT
Who was telling the story i have to know that was such a cool voice im trying to get it down for my forensics meet Sat i hope you dont mind and if you dont i dont care lol anyways i just noticed that this was submitted on 8/23/09!!! and already has 203,125 view thats just simply amazing that should tell you how good you are i dont believe you need any more reviews with the score youve almost got a perfect score but i wonder.....
who voted negativly on this you guys are like the shakesperes of the online you guys should have earned money for this you guys would be rich dont change a thing in tar boy to especially the music definitly keep hania i relize there are billions of other posts so this will not last long for all to see so for those who do see it keep voting positivly because these guys are awesome


unfortunitly since this did so well i think already relize you set the bar almost impossibly high for tarboy 2 so if you mess up at any point people are gonna vote lower on you for that

I will repeat one last time tarboy was awesome



cant wait for the next one i would give like 10000000/10 if i could


i liked the fighting