Time Chase

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Collect the rings and avoid the stars. Collect all the rings and move onto the next level. You will start with 10000 points. The score will count down slowly. If you hit the stars you will lose 100 points. Collect the rings and gain 25 points.

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The artwork was a bit bland to be honest nothing fancy or as imaginative as I would like to see. The sound effects were pretty childish and the music a bit forgettable. The gameplay is an interesting one, it requires avoidance and collecting. It was too easy though, to the point of where I could hit all the stars and rings in a level and still be just fine. At times though it sucked when you started a level though and hit a star or three that was a bit cheap. All in all a fun idea, just not executed well. I think something like this would be more suitable as a platforming game or if it were to stay in this type of skill genre then the difficulty would have to be brought up some.

|| Cheers ||
*Good Artwork
*Good Animation
*Okay Sound
*Okay Music
*Good Gameplay
*Great Controls

Very good...

Great job but...
It would be great if you hype it up a bit like with techno and flashing lights.


for like a minute or so... it gets boring after a bit and is really short

gameplay sux

maybe i just dont like this type of games but its realy boring its only fun first 5 levels


6th place in all,3rd place in today in my first try

Credits & Info

3.04 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2009
11:20 AM EDT
Skill - Collect