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Multitasker Pong

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Author Comments

Enjoy :) We're still not too good with developing yet. Please give us constructive criticism or a review. Thanks!

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This game could really be quite good, but many things could be improved. The idea is really great, but a few things should be taken into account:
-The music; pretty gay, and repetitive.

-Ball speed; at the beginning, very very slow, and you arent bothered to speed up until the second stage (4 paddles), and you screw up. Add physics; make the ball faster each time, although don't have huge jumps in speed
-Gameplay; a bit repetitive; you can just stand the 4 paddles in the same place- add powerups, coins, etc
-Score; don't have it sprint at some points- have a continous flow of points, or extra points for each hit/powerup

Personally, I think this would be a very good game, but some more ideas have to be taken in.

Pretty good

It's a decent game, makes for some fairly challenging play, and you did good with the transitions between how many paddles you used. However, I do have just a couple hangups.

First of all, no matter how you move the paddles the ball will continue to bounce in one direction (ie: if I move a paddle down quickly onto the ball, the ball still bounces up.) So, maybe work a little on the physics of the game.

And secondly (this may just be me but) I think you should try to find a music loop that doesn't skip between the end and the beginning (sounds like a small detail, but good sound sometimes means the difference between just a pass, and making the front page).

Other than those points this is a fun game that becomes pretty challenging at multitasking. Improve on a few things and I'm sure you'll make the front page in no time. Hope this review helps ^^

Interesting.... Fun in Theory....

It's a very nice game..... I'm just not a fan of the "simple on paper yet annoying as heck" controls. But maybe that's just because it's so easy for my fingers to misclick on this keyboard. I also dislike the difficulty curve. You start off instantly with 2, then move up to 4, and then 8, with 4 in the dead center. I'll be honest, I don't see anyone but a Spider who enjoys playing with himself to master this game (and even still, he'll have a hard time with it). It's good in theory, but I don't tink Pong was ever ment for 8 players in a small pace cramped together that way. Pong probably was't ment for multitasking period. Or else it wouldn't have been so simple.

zrstudios responds:

Thank you.


It's definitely hard, but the only question you have to ask yourselves as developers is, "is it too hard?" I could handle the 4 bats for a while, but it might just be a bit too much to ask. Maybe it's just me! I don't know. Regardless, this is a little game you play when you want to kill a few minutes, and the leaderboards were a nice touch. overall, decent job! You gave me a few minutes of fun, and with that ad, you even got yourself some cash! :D What more can I ask?

zrstudios responds:

Thanks :)

Credits & Info

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Aug 22, 2009
3:03 AM EDT