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2009| LoP Trilogy 3.1

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Author Comments

- Flash Player 9 or higher required.
- The game may lag on slow computers: Press TAB ingame anytime to toggle graphic quality.
- Be sure your CAPS stays deactivated otherwise some keyinputs wont work properly.
- Turn your volume on!

UPDATE (17.10.09):
- Fixed the broken tutorial post-it # 3.
- Included a flashing icon on the left upper corner so that the player knows when the game auto-saves.
UPDATE (21.08.09):
- fixed bug which prevented the player to reenter Shamoos shop.
- fixed endless spawn of a bobble-head item.
- inserted a "press Space key" message for a certain character in chapter 3 for people who didn't care to read the tutorial post-its.

Pliskin is back in the final part of my point 'n click adventure trilogy.
To make his final adventure as memorable as possible I included as much content as technical possible into the game.
In the middle of development I decided to split the game into two episodes. This is the first one.

It will take quite some time to fully complete this game but thanks to the ingame auto-save you can quit and come back anytime you want to continue without restarting the entire game.
Episode 1 offers tons of humorous dialogs and puzzles, a big cast of voice actors, personal gameplaystats of your progress, ingame achievements and other cool stuff to unlock.

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This brings back a lot of memories. It is a shame that this seems it will never be finished. We can only speculate where the story could have gone. I do have a few theories based on the diaries and whatnot...
Theory #1: Rufus is an alternate version of the old man. This might better explain how he knows the secrets like the Chronoplast. It is possible Rufus is a disgruntled version that no longer wanted to uphold the stream of time...
Theory #2: Rufus is an alternate, time-displaced version of the Old Man's son. TOM mentioned he feels familiarity around Rufus, and finding out Rufus' betrayal broke his heart... It would be interesting to hear Rufus' motivation in this case. I don't think it's as touching as "I want to free my dad from his job."
Theory #3: Pliskin is an alternate time version of Rufus. It's a sort of trope guess at this point. There's not much support for this, but it would be interesting if that is what Rufus meant by how well he knew Pliskin.
Theory #4: Pliskin is an alternate time version of the Old Man. This isn't too likely, but Pliskin and the old man are both Timestreamers and it could be foreshadowed in the diary where TOM believes he is the only one who can defeat Rufus...

All in all, a few new characters like Jessup and his crew get introduced here, but don't get a lot of development. The gameplay is a bit repetitive when you have to click the items over and over again to interact with them in different ways. I liked the 2nd part a bit better, though the art and animation were not as good as part 3.1. Still, this is a fond memory of the flash days for me.

So whatever happened with the sequel?

.....still waiting for part 2, its been almost 10 years now

EDIT 08/08/19 lol someone should really continue the legacy, this was the shit back in the day.
also someone reacted to my post, hi person

It's a really good game I've been playing it in a long time but I'm still waiting for the continuation....

I miss this game. played it in 2009 and now 4 years later i' m still waiting for the next one. Where is it??

Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2009
4:25 PM EDT