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Death Delayer

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Author Comments

Welcome, Prolonger of lives. Should you wish to become a Death Delayer, you must first use your magic so that this creature lives for at least 600 seconds. Good Luck.

Use the mouse to move your entity. Further controls explained in the game.

Note: If your magic isn't working (you hover over something, and nothing happens, when something happened before) adjust your quality, and that will fix it - everything only takes one burst, so adjust your quality when they take more than one (and you are sure your center - between the wings - was hovering over it).

This game is not easy- it was created for those who were tired of the same old thing. Since the style is different, you will need to read the instructions. Also, DON'T CLICK! - I own a laptop, so I know how frustrating it is to accidentally click, but that's part of the game.

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Interesting in the least!

Well I don't really know what to say. This game is a VERY interesting piece of work. I'm not really sure what to criticize though, or how because of it's uniqueness - but I felt I had to write SOMETHING mostly just to encourage you to improve or make more games. I did find the game quite hard as enemies spawned pretty fast. I agree with Gaiacarra on mots points but especially regarding the hit detection. Perhaps try and make a snap-to-enemy kind of system for the cursor so one would be sure he's actually hitting something and not just magicking the air. Making things perhaps stick out a little more from the background (as in point and click games and searching games) mind help as well. I mostly wasn't sure as to exactly what point on the man's head kept his sanity... I also wasn't sure what the cursor was supposed to be, and angel, fairy? Or perhaps this is intentional... Many points for originality and mood, though the graphics and menus could be improved, their good for a start.
Hope to see more from you soon!

Hetrae responds:

Thanks for the review - I wasn't expecting everyone to like it, but the ratings are still a bit lower than I expected - thanks for reminding me why I made it in the first place.

The brain controls sanity, and the lungs control oxygen and I made the detection to read it as such - so the forehead area. However, the game can be beaten without ever using your magic on either one of those areas.

I was actually thinking the enemies spawned too slowly. It was originally a memory game - you were supposed to die until you knew where everything was, and what you were supposed to do to them (then new creatures appear at around 200 seconds).

I wanted to keep the creatures as a part of the background, so you weren't always sure what you could or couldn't affect. When people hated this, I added the stars to let you know what can be affected. If I do a sequel, which I had planned on, then I'll add some kind of detection so that you know when you are over something - like a glow or outline.

Finally, the cursor was supposed to be an entity, and I don't think I call it anything else in the game, and I've avoided calling it a fairy or angel in any description - it's a being that aspires to be a Death Delayer. That is all.

Thank you again for the review.


not my type of game and i found it slightly annoying but i gave u extra marks for the instructions.....

'' if it shoots white its harmless'' made me rofl <3


I really love your game. I love the claustrophobic, morbid atmosphere, I love the game-play ideas, everything. Here's the problems.

Hit detection. What the fuck. Half the time nothing would happen when my magic pulsed, even though the cursor was right beside a scorpion or a line of ants or whatever (incidentally, how did those ants manage to build a tunnel through the air?). The second problem is the oxygen. How do I stop it going down? I tried pulsing magic around the guys mouth, but uh... nothing happened. Either I was doing something wrong (maybe you have to pulse just as he breathes in...?) or it's another hit-detection glitch. If it weren't for the hit-detection glitches I probably would have just chalked it up to a steep difficulty curve and not complained about it at all.

Now, I like the very Spartan attitude the game has towards its players: give them the basics and then leave them to figure the rest out for themselves. And I have a kind of a paradoxical opinion on it. On the one hand, I felt there was too much of that: the instructions page left me feeling kind of perplexed, probably because it never explicitly said what the magic pulses were for. But at the same time, I want MORE of that feeling of isolation and helplessness. I don't know how you could do that though, it would probably have to be an atmospheric thing with the sound or the graphics.

Which brings me to the graphics. They do their job: they're not horribly bad. But they don't do justice to a game like this. My advice is that if you made a sequel, to collaborate with someone who knows how to make really cool, stylized graphics.

Overall, I fucking love your game, but it needs a little extra polish and some glitch-fixing. I was going to give you seven, but fuck it, this sort of thing needs to be encouraged on Newgrounds. 8/10 | 4/5.

Hetrae responds:

Thank you very much for the review - your encouragement is greatly appreciated. As for the hit detection - the most likely problem is that you said you were beside the scorpion - you have to be right on top of it (where the wings connect to the back should be covering the scorpion, and blocking your view of it) - this is the same for the ants - though try hovering over the ant hil - it has a bit of a bigger detection space, and does the same thing. For the oxygen - you have to hover over the lungs. However, this only stops it for a little bit, there are plants that give you more oxygen -you have to find them. If this doesn't fix it, then try adjusting the quality.

This was supposed to be a three-series game, rising from Prolonger of lives to Death Delayer to Death Defeater. If I can find an artist that is willing to take a risk, and most likely not get paid, (and I have tried finding one) - then I will be sure to get improved graphics.

Thanks again for the review and rating!


Good concept. But i dont get it. its too hard

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2009
4:31 PM EDT