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Author Comments

Click all the sleepy blocks, but be careful not to wake them!

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This was a rather odd game, mostly because it just came off as being too easy. I could have sworn I reviewed a game like this before. Anyway, I guess I do have to appreciate how good the graphics are. It might not be that well detailed, but it's still pretty cool to play with. It just honestly seemed like I couldn't lose. I mean, I imagine I lose more points if some of the blocks awakened, but that never happened.

I do think it's pretty cool with how you bring up what kind of block you can use next. There are several times where you simply CAN'T move a block without awakening another one. I like how it has a pretty cute design. Still, there could have been some more work with the designs. All in all, a good game.


First of all, the graphics and music are just wonderful, and perfect for each other. I was really impressed by the way the block's sides even move like they're breathing as they sleep. The puzzle is simple and easily mastered, but hard enough to require thinking. A great game!

.... until you get into the later levels. Then, all skill, all thought, all everything goes flying out the window, and it all comes down to getting the right color at the right time. Okay, I can understand that. However, by the end, it was getting ridiculous. I kept getting the same color over and over, and it was always for a block at the bottom of the pile. So I would finally find a block of that color to remove without stirring up the pot too much, select it, wait for all the whining to die down ... only to get the exact same color again. VERY frustrating! I've tried to get through Level 14 probably two dozen times, before just saying "screw this" and moving on.

It might be better if you made it so that you couldn't have both cards be the same color, or made some sort of switching system (where you can "reject" a card so many times per level). Or even have a few wild cards in there, blank cards that allow you to pick any color you want. Something like that. Otherwise, it goes from "challenging puzzle" to "impossible luck-of-the-draw gamble" towards the end, and isn't fun for anyone. Except the gamblers, who probably shouldn't be playing a puzzle game, anyway.

a bug that ruins the game...

i want to play the 2 level but i cant go on. i click on next but nothing happens.

It's alright

It's fun initially but towards the end it just comes down to random chance.
There's hardly any strategy involved so when it comes to the later levels you just have to hope that the blocks fall in the right order and you get the right order of color clicks.

Nice But Evil

Man, the first lvls sure were easy but when its the last oh god its sooo hard~!!!

i come back every few months to play this game and i usually pass only 1 lv

now im lv 15 but thats like impossible D: i mean i didnt even started to touch anything or looking around and im already losing a lot of snooze bar D:
or they keep giving me the wrong and impossible blocks to remove and then i click 1 block and the whole lot comes crashing down and its game over T-T

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2009
11:50 AM EDT