Wicky Woo in Lavaland

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The game consists of 10 levels which each contain 5 sub-levels
At the end of every sub-level is a bone door. Get to this and you have beat the sub-level
At the end of each level (sub-level 5), there is a boss whom you must defeat to continue
When you have reached a boss, time stops for the battle
If you die during a boss battle or defeat the boss, time starts right back up
If you run out of lives, you restart at the beginning of the level (level x, sub-level 1)
Your health bar is really a heat bar
The fuller your heat bar becomes, the hotter your suit is, and the closer you are to death
If your suit takes too much heat damage, it will explode
Damage to your suit quickly builds up as you get hurt
Ice Crystals replenish your health by 1%
Collecting all 100 Ice Crystals in a sub-level results in an extra life
Along with collecting all 100 Ice Crystals, an extra life is hidden in every sub-level
Some enemies can be destroyed by shooting them, others can only be jumped on
Several enemies in the game cannot be destroyed and must be avoided, be careful!
After taking damage, you cannot be hurt for about two seconds
If you are on a bone traveling upwards, you'll be crushed if the bone reaches the ceiling
To climb, you must be on top of the ladder or on the ground, not in the air
The direction you're facing when you get on the ladder is the direction you can shoot

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Pretty good game HOW COME WHEN I SHOOT BUBBLE GUM AND THE FISHY BOUNCES IT BACK at laughed in my face...do you know how it feels to be out smarted by a fish!!!! no you dont cuz your not AWESOME!!!!

Screen Jump

Nice but it feels like the screen is jumping with you

freearcade1 responds:

Yes, if the screen can scroll it will to keep Wicky centered when you jump. Maybe it would be smoother to only recenter after landing. I'll check it out.


This Game Is Awsome and Addicting For The People Who Are Gonna Play This You Are Gonna Be On This Computer For A While


pretty good. a few glichs and minor problems with the hittests. overall a very good game. ty making another using advanced hittests.

too fast

the game is fun but the movement is way too fast

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2009
10:17 AM EDT
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