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Guide the Seven Sisters and escape Orion!
Only one level with 4 stages but no respawn.
Can you let all Sisters survive?

This happens to be my first game so please be nice with votes :P .
I made this game just to take a break from my other game which is bigger and more fun but I didn't want to stop having fun with this one so I finished it.
This game was done in 3 days! You can see that inside :)

Music is from the amazing milkman-dan

Also a big thanks goes to funkycaveman !

I don't have any catchy line so just:
Have fun! :)

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What kind of maniac can beat this with all seven?

Great game.

I'ma give you ten 'cause it was your first game. This needs an update with more levels and stuff, but otherwise, it's challenging and addictive. Teh poifect combo.

Basically, you're game is a Big Mac with a large fry and a large Coke.


dispite a few things this game is great i like the concept while the story is inoviative just some color maybe or checkpoints would be nice and what my collagues would want like unlockables and a more detailed story BUT otherwise this game is near perfection

Not bad.

I was drawn to this game by the title, and review it only because of it's relevance to my alias.

Short but sweet. Your music choice was very fitting, and the mechanics of the obstacles were pretty nice in their variety. I think that this game would be a lot better if the sisters weren't spinning so wildly. I don't think it's possible to get all 7 through as is.

I think that black and white was a poor choice. If anything, a dark blue for the walls, and they could be running on the spiral arms of the milky way, a light blue. It would have helped the mood and theme.

More levels would be nice, and powerups of some sort. Anything to make the gameplay more unique.

Pleiades 2, please. ;)

Rarykos responds:

Thanks you :)
I know it could be better with colours. Its not even fully black and white, there is no grey. I made it just to take a break, but seeing how positive the resopnse is so far i will make it better.

It is possible ;)

Very nice Epic game a must make more and longer!

Hey man this game is epic and i got to say, if you dont mine please make this game longer add unlock-ables and a longer under lined story line. maybe boss battles. Very good game.