Frogs 'n Snakes

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Hop around and try to get the worldwide high score by eating flies while avoiding snakes!
I made this game just for fun and it turned out pretty nice though alot cuter looking than most of my games, anyways enjoy :)


ok i guess

well if ur into then its good

It is cute looking... you're right.

You could possibly add... um... pads that sink when you step on them? Ability to jump up and avoid snakes?

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hansheidmann responds:

I love you man.

really good

This is a really good really simple game here! Why are you guys voting so low!? Really great job here man. Very addictive very fun.

Not sure what else to say here though. The game is simple enough to leave as it is. Perhaps when you get a dead fish it will give you x2 the regular points for the flies then you normally would (for a certain amount of time), instead of just straight up giving you 100 points.

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hansheidmann responds:

thanks :) yah i was just aiming for simple and somewhat addictive with a cuter feel to it than most my games end up with


It was entertaining and unique. The only problem is, as everyone else mentioned, the blind spots at the edges of the maps. I enjoyed it but somehow fixing the blindspots would be great.

hansheidmann responds:

i see what you mean but the blind spots are there for the reason that you should keep track of the number of snakes and when you see all of them in the visible area you know can safely collect the flies by the edges for a second or two


I loved the original and simple idea for the game, and the graphics are really cute! I've been trying to find something that makes it tick, but so far nothing, so that's really good. :) The music was really calming, as well, so that's a plus. Great game!

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3.06 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2009
6:38 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid