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Author Comments

This game is a mix of defense and strategy game, you are completely free to build up your fortess to defend a village. The game happens in the Darkness Springs universe, the game world by the same named flash role playing game.

Some tips: You can upgrade magic towers two times. Do this as fast as you can.

This game is new, it's the first ever released version. Please feel free to give me any constructive feedback to improve this game.

Update: The game is now a bit easier around wave 17. Thanks for the feedback!
Update2: Shoot sights feature now removed
Update3: Selection of buildings better, damage values are now printed

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AI issues don't ruin a great TD.

The fundamentals are solid, the graphics great, and a good tileset. I appreciate the minor things like decals on the ends of walls, the fact that towers "mesh" together, etc.

The towers get the job done well. In fact, almost too well. For pretty much the first 2 levels, I never even touched the Elementals.

However, the Main concern is the AI. It isn't intuitive enough to prioritize attacks. For example, sometimes the enemy will just rush to your HQ, completely disregarding the towers/ walls. Other times, it will attack the walls, and completely miss the tower; regardless of the fact that there is an open path to the towers; and sometimes the AI is spot on.

That being said, I'ts not too bad of a flaw, and after making plenty of Tower Defenses back in the glory days of Starcraft, I know how difficult it can be to mainpulate the creeps.

In conclusion, you get a 9/10, for thhe overall experience was fun, and it ate up 330 to 60 minutes of my time in a blink of an eye.

Great Job!

(One More Thing: Release a Map Editor, or something else to enhance re playability.)

A tip for players: Fortify your towers with walls on the outside of the tower, don't put towers in your wall segments, or infront of them. This will force the creeps to attack your much more fortified walls rather then your more expensive, weaker towers.

Lots of fun!

I had a BLAST litterally!


It was awsum!
Keep up the good work!

buggy game

a ton of bugs in this game

i had enemies attacking my buildings while not but one tower was shooting and that tower was shooting randomly

also we have no idea how much damage towers did and their range so fix that also

irrlicht responds:

the tower not shooting was probably because the line of sight was blocked between it and the enemy. I thought this as a feature, but now that you stated it, it's probably better to remove this feature. I did so with the last update, hope you like the game better now :)

Hmm. Interesting.

Part of the problem may be that I'm a "classic" defense game fan. I like the idea a lot, but right at the beginning I have a problem. It's difficult to place things -- there's no indication of where they're going to go. That's a big stumbling block for me, and it seems like a major UI error.

Also, due to the single 3d viewpoint, it can be hard to see "behind" things. Maybe a slight opacity reduction to help with that.

I want to keep playing, but object placement is definitely a problem.


... I love how you took the defense strategy game idea and added so much flexibility. I wsas bored of the old defense games where all the the screens were just static.