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Clockday Tutorial 2009

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//Update// Fixed the sound issue, although you will have to manually hit instead of it automatically starting. I've also included an easter egg.

Well, with all the chaos that happens on August 15th, or Clockday, it's always good to brush up on how to help make it as painless as possible.
The Tutorial deals with
Voting, Abuse, Hentai, Madness
and much more!


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we over here mock the clocks.

clock day is a great day! we vote fives on everything without watching it, especially if its abusive, and we do it for all the wrong reasons!

Very helpful.

It's great that you combined informative knowledge and humor, that should keep the viewer's attention drawn to the flash. I laughed at your examples you made for non-Clock Day flashes, the Duck Division one was definately my favorite. Thanks for including the subtitles for when Strawberry Clock was speaking, his accent is hard to understand at times, haha.

I liked the song and I'm glad you gave the option to pause it, but I think it is somewhat unnecessary to have the song because you can barely hear Strawberry Clock at all when it is playing. Maybe you could also add questions on the history of Clock Day, it would surely help newcomers. Anyway, I liked this whole tutorial, keep up the great work and happy belated Clock Day!

SupraAddict responds:

Thank you for the great review, dude. The song was made special for me by Rig, so I had to have sneaked in somehow... Well, I hope you've had a good clockday, and I hope to get another great review from you next year ;)

Ain't that the truth?

Yup, again, we all just behave like drones in a beehive on clock day. "OH, IT'S CLOCK DAY!!! I MUST SAVE EVERYTHING IN THE PORTAL!!!" *votes 5 on everything without watching it*

WRONG PEOPLE!!!! Do it right, please? I mean, are we really this dumb? I would like to think we aren't, but sadly, as I have proved the point, we are this dumb. All in all, excellent voting guide Supra. I hope to see you submit something on Madness Day.

SupraAddict responds:

....What are you talking about? :P

Awesome idea and execution

Good voices, although a little fast. Good graphics, and it was a good idea. I like the music, and the quiz looked great. Having the NG grey as the background was definitely a unique and interesting thing about this Flash. Great job!

Happy Clock Day!

~ Z

Nice music and a great tutorial for newcomers.

I really like how you did the tutorial. This taught me alot about what to do on Clockday. Thanks for the flash and may god be with you.


Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2009
10:45 PM EDT

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