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GT and the Evil Factory

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GT and the Evil Factory takes place in a factory where robots are enslaved by the cruel Lord Foreman to monotonous and grueling tasks. One day, a robot named GT decides its about time to start a revolution and destroy the wicked establishment of robotic slavery.

Controls (can be changed under options):
Z - Gun
X - Sword
C - Talk
Arrow Keys - Move
Space - Pause

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Finally came back after all these years to 100% complete it. The gameplay still holds up very well and after I beat the game I was left wanting more. It's definitely worth clearing every level.

This game was my childhood, is my childhood, and still is. I loved this game since it came out. I swear, this is my 2nd favorite thing on newgrounds, and it will always be in my heart.
(Seriously though, why doesn't the foreman move the pipe? This is Robotic Abuse!)

I complete 100% the game (all orbs, weapons and boosters) and the other dificulty still unknow

This is an example of robotic abuse

The way Foreman does this is making robots work for his evil deeds!

Why would an RPG be in the puzzle section?