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Clock maze game 09

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Happy clock day 09!!! :D

Please leave some reviews so I can improve this a little! :D

(Oh, yeah, I lied about the checkpoint)

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Score: 3 / 10
Summary: Overdone
Review: This is a game concept that is so old and overdone, that it gets a minus just because of unoriginalty.

Poor graphics, and no animation. When making these games, try to make them look at least a little appealing. If not, it's just another one of those games.

It's a mouse maze game. There is no story. There were hints towards humor, but nothing made me laugh or smile. The fact that you have to cheat to win is not exactly original, but it makes it better than some of the really generic mouse mazes.

There wasn't any?

A big disappointment, really. I didn't expect much, after all, it's a clock day flash, and that itself usually means it'll be horrible. You probably rushed this, as it needs a lot more work done. Add some music, better graphics, and try to make it original. Moving objects, in addition to alle these hidden cheats (right click, hidden wall etc.)

-=Review Request Club=-

Nothing too new

Those mazes have been overdone already. You have to come up with something really original to stand out of the masses. Sadly, I didn't see anything original in here. Hiding buttons, invisible walls, the need to right click to get to the finish... it has all been done and it has all been done better already.

The graphics didn't look too good. It looks as if you made them in like 20 seconds. The grey background looked annoying as well. I think a plain white background would look better than this.

Also on your buttons (at least on the "Play again?" button after I've lost) only the text was clickable. This is highly annoying as I have to point exactly on where the text is, which can be quite hard if you only use very thin lines to write the text.
The whole graphic of the button should be clickable, this makes things less annoying. There are tons of flash tutorials that show you how you can create buttons, so I advise you to read them. ;)

{ Review Request Club }

Pretty Basic

I guess that when we get to the "Did I Say Lucky?" screen, we've reached the end of the game. If that's the case, you have made your game far too short for anyone to really take seriously.

Let's start from the beginning - the drawing is of incredibly poor quality, even for a Clock Day submission. If you're going to add text to a preloader, try adding it with a keyboard, rather than drawing letters with your mouse / tablet. I'm assuming the mouse here, as it looks like note very much control of the cursor, when you're 'drawing.

You need to work on your buttons - make it around the edge of the button, not programmed to the writing itself. There are plenty of tutorials on Newgrounds to help you out here :)

It is a very basically programmed game, where if you got through the maze, you'll advance to the next level and if you hit the sides, it will bring you to this frame, saying that we're either going to delete the flash or it's going to get given up on. If you're going to sell yourself short, then you are wasting your time here, trust me.

I'd suggest the addition of some ambient music and lots more levels. This will increase the appeal of your game and make it more memorable. Like you said, the check point would work as well, as this will give players the chance to rest their wrist, setting themselves up for another few levels, without suffering and losing their concentration.

Finally, when you draw the mazes, try zooming into the map that you're drawing and using a slightly smaller tool - when you zoom back out, you'll have a greater detail on the piece. Perhaps a similar technique could be used for a themed cursor?

[Review Request Club]

Needs a lot of work.

Art/Animation: 2/10
The colours were pretty dull, and a few of the gradients you used looked really generic and horrible. Try to draw everything in one continuous line when you're drawing a line or something, otherwise it looks messy and poor. A lot to improve on here.

Plot/Concept: 2/10
Maze games are the most unoriginal concept on Newgrounds, except maybe Dress-Up games. There was nothing in this one that made it stand out. Some of the levels were kinda clever, but nothing a quick right-click or tab didn't reveal instantly. Try to turn off the Tab button at least. I think there might be a few tutorials in AS: Main.

It also looked as if you were trying to include humour into this. Unfortunately, you didn't really pull it off, and it wasn't funny.

Music/Audio: 1/10
Well, there was none. However, I suppose that's better than something reaklly annoying, so you get one point for that. However, it would have been improved with a small bit of nice music wouldn't have gone amiss.

Overall: 2/10
You seem to have a vague understanding of flash, but your next submissions will need to be a massive improvement.

[Review Request Club]

Clock review game 09

The graphics were bad, first of all. There was also no sound besides the beep-beep at the beginning of the movie. The level 'Did I say Lucky?' is glitched too. This also had nothing to do with clocks, and as it's titled 'Clock maze game 09' that's a little disheartening.

~ Z

Elder responds:

Ok, thanks for the review.