Easter Island TD

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** Hi guys - any and all comments are much appreciated! Hope you like : - )

The famous stone heads on Easter Island are being ravaged by mystical creatures from another dimension! It's up to you to defend your island to the very last head in this fun tower defence game!

Use the worlds first mobile stone head towers, the power of a volcano and many other towers! All info about each stone head tower is provided in the game!

Good luck and don't forget to use your head!

*** easy level is pretty easy, normal is quite hard, and hard is really really hard to beat.

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A good defense game

So here was a good defense game with everything you could want for an entertaining experience and that's exactly what I got out of this you have shown us exactly what fun is. The simple graphics we're notbad and could be better but was fun all the way around

Only thing this needs is some smoother graphics





good game. i went on normal and it was...well...normal. good job :D

ok game

its a great start for a new flash game maker and a nice time passer but not something to be super proud of. also i have to say the mobile towers are not very true to their name.

Not as bad as some have suggested...

I can see where the other reviewers get frustrated with the game, with basic graphics and with how "standard" it seemed. However, I can be assured that none of these reviewers have tried to actually beat the game on it's hardest difficulty, they have been unable to do it, and they have also not bothered to try. For anyone who says that this is a standard game, feel free to beat it on it's highest difficulty and then send me a message to tell me how wrong I am.

This game IS basic, but the point of each of these games have always been to find a winning strategy, and that's where the fun is. I have yet to discover a winning strategy for the hardest level, and after thorough experimentation in the medium level, I've found that laser towers are trump, but there's no point if you don't get to that point where they're actually strong enough. Hence, you've got to rely on the basic $10 towers, which although weak, are the best dollar to damage that you get. The anti-air towers were cleverly designed to be unable to take out an airwave by themselves, forcing the player to spend money upgrading a multiple of them, and also frost towers would have to be bought and sold in the middle lane (for the hardest level). The bosses, unlike what I've read, are very easy to kill, people have simply been getting the wrong towers.

My complaint about towers are that the mobile tower and the fire tower are rather weak. The fire tower emerges useless around the 20th level no matter what tier it is on, and the mobile tower doesn't prioritise as I would expect. I have read that this is a common issue that people have with this tower defence, that the towers are not attacking the creeps that are 'farthest down' the path. Annoying? Yes. Can it be worked around? Yes.

Take it as another challenge that has to be beat in this game. The reason this game is highly rated by myself is for it's high difficulty. While it is not exciting and fast paced like Bloons 3, it's a different kind of tower defence game. If you want standard tower defence games, go play Xeno Defence, with it's selling of towers and rebuilding to make the wave indefinitely dance.

Graphics - 5. Not too great, but we don't expect highly in a tower defence game, the lag would kill us.
Sound - 7. Sound was annoying but could be muted. At least you didn't have any dumb explosion sounds that piss everyone off when heard for the thousandth time.
Interactivity - 5.
Challenge? - 8.

Don't let the others get you down. It's a good game.

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3.99 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2009
9:33 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense