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Sniper Tower Defender 1.7

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Enjoy playing this game! The all-time highscores are very hard to get on, but check the daily ones to see if you did any good :D!
- your mate, moosey

Also check out the ads, as tthey accually have some pretty fun games on them.

If time is "Nan", refresh the browser and wait for the preloader to finish before you click anything.

Okay, this is the LAST time I will upload STD. I apologise for my prior releases, but I needed to know what the glitches were and also needed some feedback. As I now have all the feedback necessary, I can release the final version, any more bugs and I will re-upload it on this SUBMISSION. So keep your eyes peeled.

Glitches fixed and additions from 1.2:
- Tanks health thing.
- Buying new towers health thing.
- Spawning codes.
- Added notices to the start.
- Added a link to my site.
- A few other minor things.
- Big Black guy gives lots of money when killed
- Super Tank does NOT ever give out money, this isn't a glitch.

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it only lets me go to 300, then i auto die.
graphics are kinna ehh also

Not Bad... but...

easy mode, come on... 5 tanks at once even with a full up-grade rifle and they still kill you... and when up-grading the tower, should repair it... also the tower health never went up.

brain "baby"

Needs some work so far the gameplay is kinda boring no offence but idk

needs work

cool game just too repeatitive.......

Same here but...

Ok 380 seconds. Full Health 39000 dollars. But i am dead. Another glitch?