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Space Pong (SD)

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Play pong in space, with:
- 3 cpu levels
- a custom cpu level
- 2 player
I'm hoping this will do better than my first
couple of games, constructive feedback is
welcome, but please don't just plain insult.
1 Player: Up / Down Keys
2 Player: W / S and Up / Down Keys for Player 1 & 2
God damn, i've just found two things not working when
uploaded, i'm gonna try and fix this, hopefully.

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lets face it, pong is way too old nowadays, so unless you have some way in which it has made it better with a new addition then don't post just the game pong

Great pong game.

Newgrounds doesn't have many of these. Anyway, Its real nice. Like you said in the description, you have a few bugs to work out. But, its a real nice game!

Not The Best, Could be Worked On

-Space Pong-

Initail Thoughts-

Ahh, clever title choice. Although i see it barley has anything to do with space, but that's just me. I see the background is a nice continuous loop. Another Pong game, ohh geez. But this wasn't too bad. Just could use a lot of improvements. Alot of them.


Ahh, the gameplay. How should I put this. It wasn't good at all. Sorry but The AI forced no challenge at all. All they did was move up and down and no change up. Yes some different AI would be nice. The 2 Player game doesn't even work. Neither does the custom level. You get up there and the ball doesn't launch or anything. And what is that bubb;e next to ball speed supposed to say? The Graphics were nice. I mean the background could use some changes to make it look more space-like. Well, the Paddle and Ball were all right I guess. The graphics were average.


The diffuculty for this game would be zero for me. The enemy doesn't move any different. All you have to do is move your paddle just right to make it go in another direction. No skill needed. Some change up in movent for Ai would be nice. Like it knows how to dectect the ball and move accordingly. The controls could be smothed up some. To make a more better and smoothe experience. The music, Umm, there was none. If you could find a nice retro beat, or even a spooky space song would be nice. Me I don't really care what music it has. As long as it has it, and it has a mute button.


There are alot of these that need to be. Like I said before, Change up the enemy AI. It doesn't move according to the ball, just straight up and down without change. A thing where it can notice the ball and move accordingly, and such for each difficulty level. In the Multiplayer and Custom levels, could you set a limit for ball speed, so it doesn't freak out. And make it launch the ball. It doesn't do that when you play either. This game doesn't need upgrades so that one is out the window. Ohh yes, music. Music is crutial to any game. So go get some! And meke it a Retro style or a deep space scary thing, but I don't really care. And add a mute button. Please. One more thing. The background. Inside the loop, you could add some planets, like a distant galaxy, to make it look more like space. I think that is all.


so easy

on hard i won it with out losing and you could even predict on where the ball is gonna go and when your gonna get a point

can't even call this pong

Even the original pong gave you more control over the direction the ball went. This one it just goes in a loop that slowly widens until the cpu messes up. There is nothing new or interesting to this version.