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BioBots is an easy-to-play tower defense game.

This game is not easy to beat, you have to find the way to complete all the levels.


Click on a Biobot and then the part of the road you'd like it to clean.
Click on a bot to open the upgrade and sell menu.
Click Next Wave.

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Not trashy at all

This is a fair tower defense game and the idea to have bots specialising in a single type of enemy is quite a nice idea.

However, it lacks a few features to make it a staple. Towers should either be upgradeable to increase their strength and range, or more different types of towers should be available to make up for that. The slowing tower is unbalanced as of yet and not really worth its high price, I didn't check out the paralysing tower.
And maybe there should be data given for the next wave (amount/type of enemies, maybe also size), so that the player is able to gauge its extent and prepare by setting the right types of towers.

great game

i loved this game and thats very hard to get me to i think this will make it far in life

Fun while it lasted

This was fun. Some more innovation, as in more towers (such as a recycling center that uses up 2x2 slots and gives more money, specialized towers such as one with very little range but huge damage and one with infinite range but little damage) and more stuff overall would make an excellent game. Making the game endless would be nice also.

Thank you for including a button to turn off the sound.

Good game

I liked the style of graphics and the acual game play

Good Game

Good Game, but I can't get Paralizer for 70$, it don't work.
Overall, game is too easy, and you should add Newgrounds Medals :)

CerebralGames responds:

Hey! thanks for the bug report, i have just uploaded a new version with the fix.